How to Track Employee Productivity at a Workplace? 5 Ways for Managers to Increase Job Productivity


The work culture today is different than it has ever been in the past. New startups promise better working hours and higher employee satisfaction, at the behest of job productivity increase. In order to grow, they often push employees to the brink of exhaustion, both mentally and physically, which leads to breakdown & health problems. Managers take responsibility to ensure that their teams stay productive at work while maintaining a good work-life balance.


For those who assume a greater work responsibility and would rather work more than 50 hours per week, either for greater bonuses or recognition from bosses, are making a serious mistake. Here are 5 ways productivity improvement ideas that managers can implement and receive a greater employee satisfaction.


5 Productivity Improvements Tips for Managers at Workplaces


1. Set a Time-bound Agenda Every day.

As a manager, it is your primary responsibility to set time-bound agendas at the team meetings. Doing so accomplishes two things- One, employees stay laser-focused to complete the task, and Two, such productivity increase of an entire team gives the manager an assessment of the team’s efficiency.



2. Honour the Time Restrictions.

Dedicate a fixed number of hours per week for your team and ensure their productivity increase in terms of speed, accuracy and work coordination among each other. On an average, ensure that the team members do not put more than 45 hours per week, individually.


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3. Allow Decent Intervals.

To deliver their best work, each team member deserves an interval. Studies show that decent amount of intervals between work leads to a productivity increase and greater employee satisfaction, which speaks well of the manager and the company as well.



4. Appreciate Interpersonal Communication.

Interpersonal communication among the team members and yourself is considered healthy and one of the ways to increase productivity at workplace. It is not necessarily a bad thing if you see employees talking with each other, a well-connected team is always more loyal and responsible towards their duties.


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5. Respect Individual Freedom & Space for Productivity Increase.

If you are a caring boss, they would want to approach you and share their reason behind the lack of productivity. When that happens, do not feel violated of your generosity, sometimes, all they need is some space. Consequently, when an employee is a bit over the moon due to a personal reason, let them have their moment of joy and give them the freedom to celebrate this occasion with their team members.


Being too authoritative will only lead to counter-productivity and awkwardness between the team and yourself.


Company guidelines assure better working hours, employee satisfaction, employee wellness program and so on. But the execution of it all begins and ends with a good manager in-charge of a dutiful team.


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Practice these productivity improvement tips to bring the best work out of your team members. The job productivity is only guaranteed so long as the workers feel mentally refreshed every morning and relaxed during off-hours. Avoid overburdening the team with unrealistic targets because that will kill productivity. It may also incur a huge loss to the company as a whole.


Get rid of the hustle and ensure a productivity increase at work during the time you do have. In this way, you will be able to get more work done, live healthily and work better than ever.


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