Diabetes companion app HealthPlix raises angel funding


Funding story

Diabetes, in its many avatars, is a disease which affects a large number of people today. Monitoring the blood sugar status, and subsequently, dosages of insulin of diabetes patients, becomes a regular process marred by worry and irritation. Diabetes companion app HealthPlix aims to make this process more convenient. The Bengaluru-based app managed to raise 1.6 crore in angel funding from two senior executives of global corporations and an HNI individual recently. Founder Raghuraj Sundar Raju will seek to use the funding to enhance the upgrade of the app, which is currently available in beta mode, to a full-fledged form. Participating in an institutional round of funding in the coming months is also likely,  according to Mr Raju.

HealthPlix’s features

HealthPlix, founded in October 2014, incorporates many novel features. HealthPlix aims to enable patients to track their key medical parameters, such as blood sugar, HbA1c, meal deviations and insulin intake effectively. All this can be presented to doctors in an easy-to-understand format, which greatly aids the entire treatment process. HealthPlix has already utilized the services of over 30 diabetologists in testing the app.
Furthermore, tips of diabetes management are made easily available to patients via this app. It also facilitates effortless communication between doctors and patients on the issue of diabetes management. HealthPlix also lays great emphasis on managing medical reports, enabling them to be archived, for later access. A combination of personalization, organization and proper presentation of relevant data makes diabetes management through HealthPlix effortless and hassle-free.

The diabetes burden, and HealthPlix’s likely impact

India’s diabetes burden is immense, and with an estimated population of over 65 million diabetics, India has the second largest population of diabetes patients in the world. However, proper management of diabetes is something many patients can’t access or afford. HealthPlix’s innovative app seeks to greatly minimize the hassles associated with diabetes management, and makes effective patient-doctor communication possible.  HealthPlix is certain to contribute in a big way towards combating diabetes in India.

The Android App can be downloaded here.