Qik Stay, budget premium hotel aggregator startup, raises seed funding


Funding story

These days, most tourists seek to book accommodation in hotels, which, while providing extensive services, are not too costly. Hotel branding and aggregator startup Qik Stay is one of the foremost startups involved in creating a network of such affordable, premium hotels. The startup recently raised $2.5 lakh worth of seed funding from venture capital firm ID Enablers Pvt. Ltd., a move which is likely to greatly boost an expansion in the scale of its operations, besides enabling it to launch iOS and Windows apps, according to founder and CEO Jasveer Singh.

Qik Stay’s services

Set up in June 2015, Delhi-based Qik Stay was originally known as ZoZo Stay. Its network consists of over 30 hotels spread across Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Ludhiana and Chandigarh. Currently, an Android app is available, in addition to Qik Stay’s excellent website. Qik Stay’s hotels can be booked by specifying the checking in and checking out dates, as well as the number of rooms required, and the city where the user wishes to stay.
Qik Stay’s competition in the affordable premium hotel segment is fierce, and includes the likes of Oyo Rooms and Zo Rooms. Qik Stay claims that its highly selective network of a few, excellent quality hotels sets it apart from the rest of the competition, whose network is often of variable quality. At the same time, Qik Stay seeks to keep prices affordable enough for the average middle-class Indian. The adoption of strictly adhered to quality standards also ensures that hotels which make it to Qik Stay’s network achieve renown for their quality. Qik Stay also provides a number of branding services to hotels.
Qik Stay also makes the entire booking process extremely convenient-with cancellations and rescheduling possible at even the 11th hour. Moreover, payment can be made at the time of booking, or during checking out.

Looking into the future

Qik Stay aims to cash in on the rapidly expanding domestic hotels sector, and with online bookings having multiplied manifold in recent times, the services which startups like Qik Stay provide will prove to be invaluable. Qik Stay looks set to fundamentally transform the process of booking hotels online.

To avail of Qik Stay’s services, visit the website here or download the Android App.