The LIMITLESS Drive Of NZT Solutions- A Boundless Mobile Application Development Company


Not many of us know what it’s like to become the perfect version of ourselves,i.e Limitless.

                                                                                                                       –Eddie Morra(Main character, Limitless)

How often it happens that you watch a movie and get an idea of creating something outstandingly vast? Most of the answers will be a No, perhaps it happens with some, and those who face it proffers miracles to the world. Here is a story of Tushar Goyal, CEO of NZT Solution, who watched a gripping movie Limitless, which turnaround his whole world with a magical swiftness.

Limitless is a story of a writer who chooses drug named NZT with a hope to bolster his writing career and what happens afterwards is nothing less than a miracle. That drug gave him the power to unlock his mental reserves and let him utilize 100% of his brain capacity, which defines the journey of that writer from rags to riches. The movie was terrific, mind-boggling and it ended with an inclusive transformation of a rigid, struggling writer into a hardcore thriving candidate for president’s election.


NZT Solutions- Beginning of Real “Limitless”

That movie ended, but by then, the idea of creating something has been evolved in the mind of Tushar. After completing his engineering at 2011, Tushar was engaged in his renowned construction business, established by his family. Even after working for 3 years in that industry, Tushar was still waiting for something more. The yearning to do something extreme with his life was increasing with each passing day.

After watching limitless, he decided that whatever he wanted from life, was not in the construction field. And then, he passionately gleaned his purpose, he conducted comprehensive researches for creating something exclusive, and what he created NZT solutions, is in front of all of us.


NZT Solutions

NZT solution is the dream project of Tushar Goyal, which is now a renowned mobile application development company generating spectacular products and services for some electrifying entrepreneur and some leading companies around the globe. NZT is the rebirth of what we call as “Limitless” They continually stretch themselves for proffering miraculous advancements in the field of mobile application and development. They are not limited up to creating a mobile application which suits the requirements of a client, but they act as LIMITLESS by helping their clients in deriving immeasurable success in their business. From in-depth conceptualization, to state-of-the-art technology, NZT Solutions proffer round o clock support, extreme flexibility with utter emphasis on customer satisfaction.   The core gems of NZT include VOIP Application, Ruby on Rail application development, Web and Mobile application development.

Being Limitless

With an exceptional track record of more than 150+ apps on play story and iTunes, 100+development resources, NZT believe in offering extremely custom-made solutions for every prospective client they encounter. This is nothing wrong in concluding that NZTains has propelled every limit and created a renowned space in the industry. When everybody else was busy in catering clients’ needs, NZT’ains focus on solving their needs with meticulous care without compromising with quality. With extensive success in technologies like Augmented Reality, VoIP, Management skills, Agile methodology, Innovative Strategies and Cutting Edge Technology, NZT solutions have proved themselves as one of their own kind. Furthermore, this limitless company not only excels in quality and client satisfaction, but also offers immeasurable benefits for their employees. Features like Sports tournaments, flexible working hours, quarterly elation, make them Limitless in proffering the best working culture in their organization.


One Year of Being Limitless

The Very first year of NZT formation brings a flood of miracles in the life of Tushar and his co-founder/ wife Divya Goyal. Where Tushar possesses a remarkable spot in diverse fields like branding, Talent acquisition, sales and marketing, his wife Divya, bring forth the spectacular skills in developing mobile applications. Tushar himself agreed that NZT Solution come at a renowned state with extreme enthusiasm, project management skillset, and assistance in mobile app development from his dear wife, i.e. Divya Goyal.

NZT serves the meaning of LIMITLESS by proffering superlative results in all their services. Whether it’s a successful project with DMRC, successful project with MARCO POLO, or unbelievably groundbreaking success of LAZY LAD application, NZT has overcome every hurdle with flying- colors. Now also NZT Solutions, is doggedly indulged in creating a marvelous stellar mobile application which will save the life of millions from brutal accidents or death with extreme collaboration of CIRS.

The journey of NZT solutions from 2 team members to 100+ was entirely magical, nevertheless they are still hoping to infuse more magic with their expertise in making this modern tech-savvy era a better place for living.

It Was Not That Easy

In the beginning Tushar did everything it takes to discover, what can really match the definition of the Limitless. He did comprehensive research on a diverse field of his interests and ultimately formed the decision of embarking a mobile app development enterprise. With mindful of ideas, Tushar traveled the whole idea to comprehend the economy, market, global position, and never-ending demand of the mobile app development business in India. With sky-scraping dreams, five creative developers, and a never ending spirit and enthusiasm, NZT advents on March 2014, and where it is now, is nothing less than a miracle.

Everyone sees a dream to become a successful entrepreneur. But there are very few who actually possess the vigor to come out dashingly after crossing every plausible limitation. Tushar himself said, “when you embark a startup, the very first step is the deliberate objective evaluation. Gathering all the ideas and not just falling in love with those ideas. Doing rigorous study and investigation also matters. Referring experts and then taking a decision, then arranging finance. Apart from this hiring good people is also a big deal, competition and coming out of my comfort zone was the major challenge. So I think, It was not so easy to establish.”

Success Mantra of NZT Solutions

The process of evolving from nothing to a great pillar of industry is an undefinable roller coaster ride, which has successfully conquered by NZT. However, NZT Solutions always put extreme emphasis on factors like objective evaluation, transform from getting resources to creating resources, stratagem, incessant enhancement, Focus on Better of everything, the success mantras of NZT are as follows-:

  • Be frantically imaginative-, “ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.” This quote from Albert Einstein acts so real in today’s era of entrepreneurship. Imaginative mind does wonders in every organization. Be imaginative. Remember that Most successful ideas about business comes within a blink of an eye.
  • Never give up– And when you saw imagine a dream, don’t give up on it. Remember that, ideas and dreams do come alive if you take them seriously and work upon them. Take assistance from other life stories of entrepreneur, they will surely encourage you to achieve your dreams.
  • Be the High Flyer – The path of entrepreneurship is full of twist and turns, but you can easily conquer it with the help of unwavering passion and hard-work for bring your dreams to reality. NZT solutions become Limitless with the extreme passion and devotion to bring the best for their customers. And if you follow the formula of unwavering hard-work and devotion to your work, nothing can stop the supreme success of your startup. Always remember to Aim high without losing your hope.

And they (wish to) live happily ever after-

It’s Phenomenal that just within a year of its incorporation, the NZT Solutions has worked with a diverse range of customers. With enthralling startups to multinational enterprises, they have worked with all. And with the prospective technology partnership with NITK, NZT or LIMITLESS is just fueling up.


Website: NZT Solutions


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