When MapR announced its latest “update” of becoming compatible with Native JSON support, it opened its already open doors wider, letting in another whole gradient of flow of opportunities. With companies like Google, Amazon, HP and many other giants already being a part of the MapR ecosystem, it is obvious that MapR is trying to integrate even the small scale sectors into its ever growing client base. MapR announced on September 30th, 2015 that it is now an all powerful tool with its ability to integrate features like scalability, reliability and integrated analytics of document database services in the enterprise standard Hadoop and Spark platforms.

The biggest plus point of MapR’s big data solution is the real time applications that it can be used for. Ranging from enhancing shopping experiences to even fraud detection and alarm systems, MapR seems to build its already strong foundations and etch a solid sketch of itself in the list of one of the most successful startups. MapR has done well in its latest integration of the JSON platform with its big data systems as it now has the functionality to work with Open JSON Application Interface and integrate with it functions like making a flexible and collective interface for designing databases, file systems and messaging streams.




MapR technologies has basically integrated a NoSQL document database into their platform which gives the users an edge to develop new database applications software and provide the flexibility of integrating huge database systems in it with no glitches. Reading between the lines, a person who uses this technology can basically

  • Build any kind of database system software based on JSON and handle large workloads with great ease
  • Build real time analytic tools that can be used almost anywhere irrespective of the size and level of the application
  • Save time by using this tech and have a good time to value ratio b using it in more business applications, data types and varied sources





MapR has also made sure that people know what they will be buying before they buy it. MapR has built a demo kit, if it may be so called, for potential buyers to have a test run with. This kit can be downloaded for free and people can check out the prowess of the developer preview package. But knowing the utility and functionality of this tool, it can be safely said that almost anyone who uses the developer preview package will certainly find that it is an indispensable tool in big data systems, and end up buying the entire package MapR has to offer. But this can never be seen in a faulty way, given MapR’s already existing client base and the various applications and programming solutions that their big data solutions can provide. Indeed, for anybody who aspires to handle Petabytes of data in real time scenarios and build applications that can run without any speed bumps, the MapR big data solutions is a must have.