Mubble : A smartphone app tracking spends


Computing one’s data usage, and thus conserving internet mobile balances has become of the utmost essence for users during the ongoing smartphone revolution.  Mubble , an excellent smartphone app, allows users to compute their overall expenditure of mobile balances, and makes the process a convenient, hassle-free one.

              The Beginning
Set up in 2013 by ex-IITians Ashwin Ramaswamy, Pranav Jha and Raghvendra Verma , Mubble is based in Bangalore. Mubble’s computation of telecom spends is carried out by cutting-edge on-device analytics technologies, which,  in addition to being high-end, also make the computation process simpler. This is done by removing the need to carry out computation processes based on the sending of mobile data to other servers.

The app is available in English, as well as in regional languages, thus greatly broadening its reach. Infact , Mubble claims that regional language users make up the bulk of its consumer base. Mubble tracks the amount spend on each call, clearly demarcating them by rate, and also provides daily records of mobile data usage per app. Such highly detailed reports are of immense help in enabling users to economize their expenditures. Dual SIM users can also avail of this app. Mubble works offline, thus eliminating the need of expending mobile balances to check one’s own balance details!!!

              Funding,  Future Plans and Conclusion
The company intends to further scale up its operations, and recent raising of an as of yet undisclosed amount in series A funding from Accel Partners is likely to greatly help in this regard.
The smartphone revolution has totally changed the face of mobile usage across India. Users are finding it hard to stay in touch with their telecom expenditures, and Mubble aims at alleviating the inconvenience which users face in this regard. Mubble’s innovativeness is sure to be a huge boon to smartphone users everywhere.