On-demand couriering startup Parcelled raises funding


Funding story

Parcelled.in , an on-demand couriering service, which operates principally on the C2C model, pledges to end couriering hassles for users. The Bengaluru-based startup raised $5 million recently, via a round of funding led by logistics company Delhivery.  According to CEO Xitij Kothi , Parcelled seeks to use this funding to strengthen and modernize its technology, and expand to 50 cities over the next 6 months.

Features of Parcelled’s services

Parcelled was set up in early 2015 by Xitij Kothi, Abhishek Srivastava, Nikhil Bansal, Prateek Bhandari and Rikin Kacchia. It’s main aim is the desire to remove all couriering hassles by adopting a doorstep-to-doorstep policy. Upon request, Parcelled’s staff turn up at the user’s doorstep, collect the package in question, and deliver it at the destination. Thus, the users don’t even have to leave the comfort of their homes in order to get their parcels delivered.

Other features

Amazingly, Parcelled doesn’t even charge extra for pick-up and packaging. The pick-up agent can be paid cash after the package is weighed and packed in front of the user. The user himself is charged on the basis of the package’s exact or volumetric weight.This highly transparent process is another of Parcelled’s USPs.
Parcelled also runs a B2B arm, and with a highly dedicated team consisting of over 600 members, Parcelled is capable of initiating the pick-up and delivery process within 30 minutes of requesting.
Currently, pickups are possible from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Pune.

The verdict, and future prospects

Parcelled’s transparent and efficient service, along with its levying of business rates(in place of much higher franchisee rates, which most courier services charge), makes it the #1 choice for users. Its profile is set to expand significantly in the years ahead.

Parcelled’s services can be availed of here.