Flexing It, online freelance expertise marketplace, raises angel investment

Funding story

The uncertain economic scenario in today’s world has resulted in a great upswing in demand in the services of freelancers and consultants who offer project-based guidance. One of the most important companies harnessing the capabilities of on-demand expertise in this regard is Delhi-based Flexing It. Set up by Chandrika Pasricha in 2012, Flexing It recently raised $500,000 in angel investment from private investors. The investors involved in this round included the likes of McKinsey Partner Tilman Ehrbeck, angel  investor Arjun Dhawan, and Dhruv Agarwala, CEO, ProperTiger.com. The funding is likely to be used to enable a growth in Flexing It’s scale of operations.

What is Flexing It?

Flexing It claims to be an online marketplace for “short term and flexible skills”, creating a network of freelancing professionals whose skills can be availed of by companies on a project-by-project basis. Flexing It adopts a no-compromise attitude towards ensuring that only the best quality is showcased on its platform, and runs extensive verification checks on the professionals who form a part of its network. The hiring process is highly transparent, however, all hiring needs to be carried out in the context of major projects, and Flexing It isn’t a recruitment site for companies.

About the professionals registered with Flexing It

Currently, around 12,365 professionals are registered with  Flexing It, and over 1067 companies are also listed with it. This has resulted in over 1,500 projects being posted. The professionals registered with Flexing It come from a diverse range of backgrounds, such as Marketing and Sales (accounting for 23% of professionals), Strategy and Business Development (20%), Finance (19%), IT (12%), and many others.
The registration process itself comes free of cost, for professionals. Professionals get “FlexCheck” and “FlexCheck+” badges upon varying stages of verification. 3 pricing models are also available for the companies choosing to hire the services of professionals registered with Flexing It.

What we think

The market for project-based freelance work, which is distinguished by its flexible and creative nature, is rising rapidly. In this context, Flexing It looks set to connect companies to an excellent network of talented professionals, making project-based, freelance employment  profitable and easy to hire.

One can know more about Flexing It, and avail of the services of its excellent network of on-demand freelance professionals here.

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