Schoolguru : Revolutionizing e-learning

                 Status of higher education in India

Modernizing and shoring up university education in India is of the utmost essence, if we are to make the fullest use of our human resources. Even though higher education in India has come a long way, the overall picture is still rather dismal; only about 10% of India’s entire university-age population actually has access to higher education.

                 What is Schoolguru and what purpose does it serve?

The costs of boosting physical infrastructure, however, are still quite high. Hence, the importance of digitizing university education, in order to make it more broad-based, is becoming obvious to educators.
One of the major startups involved in improving the quality of e-learning services in India is Schoolguru Eduserve, a Mumbai-based company set up by Shantanu Rooj and Ravi Rangan in 2012.

                  Schoolguru’s services

Schoolguru’s primary focus is in helping Indian universities improve the quality of e-learning services on offer. Drawing on the expertise of its highly experienced Academic Board, Schoolguru helps universities select courses, syllabi, curriculum, content and format of examinations for their e-learning courses, and Distance Learning Programmes in particular.
Schoolguru’s technology platform also provides a myriad of other learning services, and boasts of an excellent content library, to enhance whose quality every effort is taken. The content library consists of video lectures on a variety of topics.
The company also offers specialized courses for students, whose value-added nature enables them to inculcate skills which boost their employability. Efforts are underway to expand these services, and the recent inflow of funds totaling to over Rs. 20 crore, from HNI investors based in India and the US, is sure to step forward In this regard.

                  Schoolguru’s Student support system

Schoolguru is more than just an organizer of e-learning courses, and it offers excellent support to students in every respect, from providing career counseling to guidance regarding the selection of courses. Its student-first policy is also reflected in the fee optimization advice which it offers to universities.

                   How Schoolguru boosts e-learning

E-learning eliminates constraints of time and location, which are a big factor in restricting the availability of higher education in India. Schoolguru’s excellently structured technology platform is geared towards improving the e-learning scenario in India in every way, and is sure to give an overall boost to the higher education sector in India.

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