SELFIES? Have Talking depiction with VoxWeb App!


With technology beating nature in evolution, though it is nature that taught evolution to us. Selfies were the latest craze that people had last time anyone checked. With a selfie taken from brushing teeth to sleeping, it seemed to be one of those trends that would never leave. But VoxWeb, an Indian consumer internet company based in Mumbai, seems to have bought an evolution even to the selfie culture. The flagship product of the company called voxie, is an idea based around speaking pictures. No, this isn’t the anime pictures you find online with bubble quotes. The speaking picture is an innovative concept where the user basically clicks a selfie and records an audio clip with it. This way you have the benefits of having a picture, which can be called a video of sorts, but not the boredom associated with staring at a still picture or the overly time consuming flamboyant nature of a video. So it can be said that a Voxie is basically a selfie video which has no negative points of either a selfie or a video.

Download or Not?

The Voxie is a must have feature in any phone as it is starting to globally catch up. It will not be a long time before selfies are kicked out and voxies become the next big craze. This is the dream of the Indian company VoxWeb and they certainly are working hard for it. The idea has already been patented in the U.S which is a hub of networking innovations.



Creating a Voxie is no rocket science. Though the idea seems to be a little too much to grab in at once, users across the world say that making a voxie is easier than it sounds. All you need to do is click a picture, either a selfie or a portrait and then speak into your phone about what the situation is and what it means to you and anything else that comes to your mind. A voxie is thus created and voila! , You are now a part of the latest trend. The ease with which a voxie can be made and the functionality and atmosphere that it creates around a simple picture is what has made its users get addicted to it.



VoxWeb was started in August 2014 with a vision to ring about an evolution to trends in the social networking platform. With almost anything new setting up a trend today, VoxWeb’s flagship product is already available on the Play store and app store and is being used by people across the world. With the innovative concept of speaking pictures already patented by the company in U.S, sources say VoxWeb has another six products loaded in the barrel waiting to be shot at the right time. VoxWeb aspires to be the next Instagram and Snapchat which is also based on picture modification ideas. With an aspiration and vision to make some of the best user friendly products in the social networking and communications platform, VoxWeb dreams of being one of the most successful tech startups from India.


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