All new features in the Android Marsmallow


Google announced the new Android Marshmallow which is the latest version of its mobile operating system. The announcement was made for the roll-out on 29th of September where the new Nexus 5 X and 6 P were also introduce to the general public. The final version of the Android Marshmallow will be out after three developer previews and the final version will iron out all the flaws and the issues that the developer previews will have in them. In this segment we will be covering the details of the Android Marshmallow like release date, new features and much more!

At the event on September 29, Google announced that the new OS will start to roll out to the existing Nexus devices, as quoted like “from the start of the next week”.

The pre-orders for the Nexus  5X and Nexus 6P are now open in US, UK, Ireland and Japan, they will come with Android Marshmallow out of the box.

Moving, on to the features, here is a list of all the things that are new with the all new Android OS 6.0. These features were the main highlights of the Google I/O keynote session where the Android Marshmallow was first introduced.

  • App permissions

This is one feature that has everyone very excited! This is a very overhauled version of the app permissions that was being speculated earlier. This feature enables the user to manage each every aspect of the app, right from camera to microphone permissions and much more. Right from the time of the installation to at a later date, you can easily change the things that you want your app to have permission for.

  • Web Experience

Google has been working a lot in making Google Chrome the perfect app that gives an excellent web experience to its users. With the new OS, there will be definitive improvements in the overall web experience. The main highlight however of this upgrade is the custom Google Chrome tabs that will enable the user to access the webpages on the top of the already active apps.

  • FingerPrint Support

Google has paid keen interest on the fingerprint scanners on the phone. Due to this, they have made the whole Android Marshmallow completely compatible with the fingerprint system.

  • Mobile Payments

The Fingerprint support and that mobile payment features go hand in hand. This feature enables the user to pay and do transactions via their android devices by using their fingerprint.

  • App linking

This feature was one of the most missed out features in the past versions of Android, so now when you click on a link, you no more need to choose the app that will open the link, the app linking will take care of all these things.

  • Power and charging

Well, we all hate when our phone dies out on us. The new feature by Android called doze, which is supposed to improve battery standby time. This feature will make use of the motion detectors in the device to check if the device has not been interacted with for a while and will reduce the background in order to save battery. This feature will definitely be very useful when you are asleep. The new OS will also support fast charging and USB C.

  • Improved cut, copy and paste icons

Well, when you wanted to copy, cut or paste anything in the previous versions, you used to get several confusing icons at the top of the screen, in the newest update, cut copy paste will be written directly for you to select and choose.

  • Different app drawer

We are too used to the horizontal paged layout, but in the new version, vertical scrolling is there.