Tooler : A mobile app providing laundry solutions

An innovative way of solving modern day problems 

The 21st century world imposes stringent multitasking demands. However, this leads to lots of hassles-imagine having to get up at the crack of dawn to do one’s laundry, while having to attend to phone calls from one’s co-workers. Sounds very stressful, doesn’t it? Tooler, a new app, which aims at providing laundry services at the touch of a pad, aims to alleviate stress caused by laundry-related problems.

What Tooler is, and the services that it provides

The Delhi-based app was created in August 2015 by Himanshu Arora , Vishal Gupta and Sukanth Srivastav. Initially, it was created as a horizontal handyman services platform, which aimed at providing laundry, electrician and plumber-related solutions at the touch of a pad. However , Tooler has begun specializing in providing laundry solutions of late, and the number of orders has grown rapidly since. Atleast 50 orders are being processed per day on weekdays, with the count reaching 100 on weekends.
Tooler aims at simplifying real life problems, and thus, the app itself is marked by its extreme ease of use. Booking a laundry person for a variety of services-washing and folding, ironing, dry cleaning, ironing, etc is possible.
Once booking is done, a tracking facility enables users to follow the laundry serviceman’s status, and his arrival at the user’s doorstep within 2 hours is guaranteed. An easy solution to one’s laundry woes is thus possible.
The minimum quantity of laundry to be processed is 4 kg, and Tooler’s services can currently be availed of in Delhi , Gurgaon and Noida. The collected laundry will be returned within 36 hours.  Using advanced technology, Tooler also aims at revolutionizing the cleaning techniques currently in use.

PS’s take

Tooler’s simple set up, and its focus on the well-being of its customers have enabled it to hold its own in the laundry solutions segment, against the likes of Delhi-based PickMyLaundry. With its commitment towards providing laundry solutions in a hassle-free way, a rise in Tooler’s popularity is inevitable.

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