YouTube Video Creation Basics


YouTube is currently the biggest platform for Video Creators and brand Marketers to rise to popularity by showcasing their talent to the whole world. The best part of using YouTube is that you can access it free of cost. Making a channel on YouTube is a kiddish task and anybody can do so by following some simple steps. But today I am not here to talk about opening a YouTube channel but my topic still has a much relevance with YouTube. This is because in this post I will be telling you about the basic things that you need to keep in your checklist while making a YouTube video.


Creating YouTube Videos is different as compared to making a career out of it. If you want to make a career out of it then you will have to follow some basic steps to get into the heart of your viewers. Video Creation is a big task. The time taken to edit a video is equivalent to the time taken to shoot it. Editing does take a major time if you want to arrange the facts and figures beautifully in front of your viewers. Even the randomly shot videos should be clearly edited and the non useful elements should be removed from it. A good YouTube video consists of the following parts.

YouTube Basics

  1. Content– Unlike blogging and maintaining a website, content surely takes the place of a king in deciding the success factor for your Video. If the content is good, catchy and useful for the viewers, you wont need enough marketing skills to get viewers. The content of the video should be so good that it is automatically shared by the viewers on their social handles. This will help you to increase your subscribers count which is a big factor in deciding the success of your YouTube channel.
  2. Intro/Outro– It is analysed by experts that the first 5-7 sec of your video plays an important role. This is because the viewers judges the video in the first few seconds and decides whether to watch the rest of the video or not. So in order to have viewers for your good content, you should definitely use a good introduction  for your video. You can read more about free intro maker tools to make astounding intros for your channel.
  3. Audio/Video quality– A good audio and video quality is the biggest priority of a YouTube video. You should definitely use a DSLR camera for shooting your videos. Along with this you should also invest on your videos audio quality. You should know how to use free audio editor tools.
  4. Frequency– Frequency determines the time period for releasing a video. This is a very important feature. After having a good number of subscribers and regular viewers, you will need to post videos more frequently. This is an important feature that will help you to make a name for your channel.
  5. Channel Thumbnail– The channel thumbnail is a very important part of your video. An attractive thumbnail will get viewers to your video at no cost.
  6. Social– Social signals like facebook, twitter, tumblr, linkedin helps your videos to get shared on different platforms. A typical share will increase the number of your viewers and subscribers.

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YouTube is surely a great platform to showcase your talent but it takes time and patience. You should only start your own channel after keeping the above things in mind. Also, do decide the niche in which you want to start your channel. You can be a solo YouTuber too. It is a little busy task because you will have to do everything on your own i.e. from scripting, set designing, grooming, shooting, editing etc. Almost 4 hr of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every min. So only choose a good topic and work hard to achieve your goals.

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