Character merchandising startup Planet Superheroes raises funding


 Funding story

Character merchandising has always been a hugely popular segment; with kids eagerly lapping up merchandise products based on popular characters in various TV shows, cartoons, etc. With increasing potential for technological innovation to play a significant role in this segment comes brighter opportunities. Planet Superheroes, a character merchandising startup, is seeking to make the most of this. The startup recently raised Rs. 3.6 crore in Pre-Series A funding. This round also saw participation from  DSG Consumer Partners, Lead Angels and UK based The Character Group PLC.

What is Planet Superheroes? 

The startup was founded by Jaineel Aga, Sumit Shah and Karan Rai. Planet Superheroes stays true to the age-old trick of wooing kids through the use of character merchandise products. A whole host of products are available on the excellent online platform, which is a kid’s dream. These also include products for adults. Ranging from T-shirts, vests and boxers to accessories such as caps, wallets and money clips, an exciting range of products are on offer. All products on offer are accompanied by detailed pics and info about their prices and details. The most popular cartoon characters represented on these products are Batman, Darth Vader, the Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sponge Bob. Some, such as Batman and Darth Vader, will appeal to adults and kids alike.
Exciting discounts are also highlighted on the platform itself. Overall, the platform allows for the easy booking of merchandise. A total of 50 categories of products, with 50 cartoon characters being represented, are available.


Deepak Shahdadpuri of DSG Consumer Partners claimed to have been impressed by Planet Superheroes’s dedication and focus, and their cooperation with major brands. These factors are likely to continue to propel Planet Superheroes to the next level.

Visit Planet Superheroes’s website here.