Best Smartphones 2016 :- the top 3 smartphones


Thank fully we have got the best smartphones in 2015. However, we are looking forward to the smartphones in 2016. Here we are looking at those phones that will launch in this year in mid of the month of August till October 2016. These devices are announced much later in 2015 but yet to hit the shelves.

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We all are eagerly waiting for Apple’s new smartphones. Well, we have to wait till October,2016 and won’t appear before it. The iPhone 7 is said to be ditching the headphone socket. This isn’t a new idea probably the oldest one.  Although we expect a lot from Apple iPhone 7’s design. But, we all are disappointed to know that – the designs are same as Apple 6 and 6s. It also shares the same looks as the earlier ones. It will launch with iOS 10 (we can easily predict along) with more powerful hardware.

There are few smartphone updating machines quite as determined as Sony mobiles. The Xperia Z5 family was on sale only for few months. We are looking forward to Sony’s next flagship which will be flooded in the industry of smartphones not before second half of 2016. The Xperia Z6  will be judged on the basis of performance. Till, then let’s keep our finger cross and hope for the best. 

It’s rumoured that the new premium device that is Microsoft Surface Phone will be surface branded and Intel powered, possibly coming in three different variants. Well, this gives the customers a refreshing thought regarding the product’s launch.