Cashback and coupon platform Cashkaro secures funding

Funding story

Coupon platforms are of immense importance in improving the overall consumer experience, by allowing them to discover excellent discount options conveniently. One of the foremost such coupon and cashback platforms is Cashkaro, which was founded by Swati and Rohan Bhargava. The Gurgaon-based startup recently managed to raise Rs. 25 crore in Series A funding from Kalaari Capital. Cashkaro is expected to use the funds towards carrying out a general expansion of services, and in aggressive marketing.

About Cashkaro and its services

Cashkaro’s online platform is extremely accessible and easy to use, with top deals and free coupons being highlighted. Over 1000 websites have partnered with Cashkaro in enabling discounts pertaining to products of merchants displayed on these websites to be put up on Cashkaro’s platform. Lucrative deals are classified by brand, retailer, and product type, with restaurant offers being highlighted separately.
It has also expanded into product search and discovery segments, providing a diverse range of interconnected services whose overall aim is providing an enhanced user experience. Cashkaro follows an affiliate model, notching up around 2 percent of the transacted amount involved.
Cashkaro has progressed by leaps and bounds since its founding in 2012-having already crossed the 10-crore mark in cashback payments. A monthly growth of over 30-40% is being reported by the company, and currently, over 1.5 million customers avail of its services. The Bhargavas are also confident that Kalaari Capital offers a robust ecosystem for scaling up, and the infusion of their funds and experience will be a big boost for the cashback platform.

The road ahead

The boost in e-commerce initiatives has allowed coupon platforms like Cashkaro to flourish. With the affiliate marketing model turning out to be a proven success, Cashkaro’s expansion is almost guaranteed, allowing it to become an even bigger platform which takes consumer experience to the next great level.

Visit Cashkaro’s website for more information.

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