Creo releases teaser to its first flagship ‘mark 1’


Creo, an Indian startup, who had recently received $3 million funding, has announced its first smartphone, called the Mark 1. The company is focusing mainly on the product software rather than its hardware. The company has not launched its hardware yet. It has a software-centric approach and believes hardware is no longer a differentiator. Sri Srinivas, the founder of the company said, “Everyone else boost the same hardware cameras, processors. There’s no point in doing that anymore.

The company aims at satisfying their customers with a feel of a new smartphone every month with the help of software up gradation. It is focusing on bringing up a twist in its android to give the best expenditure of its consumers. The Mark 1’s software features will also focus on enhancing its caller experience, device security, app performance, cellular data management and a good feature for saving data. The investors seem to be suitably impressed by the new approach of the company and has recently raised $3 million.

After China, India stands as the second largest smartphone marketplace. However, Mark 1 is giving a tough competition to the foreign companies. Micromax stood as position one last year but was supplanted by Samsung. Xiomi and Lenovo are some of the foreign brands that are in demand by the Indian Consumers. Both the companies are a China originated companies but opened a manufacturing plant in India too.

The company’s strategy is similar to those deployed by Cyanogen and Xiomi. After India, it will focus on expansion in Southeast Asia before finding partners in other countries.
The company said it won’t disclose the Mark 1’s price until India finalizes its change in the law. Srinivas said it will be mid-range—more than sub- $100 smartphones that are helping build India’s smartphone market, but less than $400.

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