Ed-tech startup ConveGenius raises funding


Funding story

The harnessing of smartphones and digitization for edutainment purposes has been the aim of many a startup. With development kits being fairly easily available, entrepreneurs are focusing on developing apps which have an educational value, so as to meet the learning demands of young children. One of the foremost such startups in this regard is ConveGenius. The Noida and Singapore-based Ed-tech startup raised Rs. 2 crore in a round of funding facilitated by web-based platform “Enablers”. This funding is of a pre-Series A nature, and a further round of founding, presumably of a Series A nature, is anticipated. The funds raised are likely to be used for aggressive scaling up and overall expansion.

What is ConveGenius?

ConveGenius was founded in 2013 by Jairaj Bhattacharya and Shashank Pandey. The Ed-tech company aims to ensure the perfect synthesis of education and entertainment. ConveGenius recognizes the need for dynamic learning solutions for young children, which are accessible to the largest possible number of children. The startup also claims to make maximum use of analytics and relevant data-metrics to generate actionable data which can be used to take learning to the next level. ConveGenius seeks to achieve its aims through “Gamification”, providing exciting rewards to kids through a synthesis of education and entertainment.
2 of their most well known products are CGSlate and Battle of the Minds. CGSlate is an edutainment package which contains over 100 interactive books and 200 informative videos for each grade. The coursework, based on the CBSE syllabus, also contains detailed info regarding student progress. The entire app is available completely for free, with only the package requiring buying.
Battle of the Minds, meanwhile, allows students to pit themselves against each other in a competitive setting, based on questions on various topics, with widely varying topics. Kids from across the world can compete in this highly exciting challenge.

What we think

With over 50,000 students having already been reached, ConveGenius looks set to make a big splash in the Ed-Tech sector. While competition here is fierce, innovation continues to remain the key to cracking this challenging sector, something which ConveGenius looks set to achieve.

Visit their site to get more information about their products.