Fashion startup Styletag raises angel investment


Funding story

Affordable luxury products and fashion accessories for both men and women are in huge demand, as a result of ever-rising demands. Catering to these demands by creating online platforms which allow interested customers to explore such accessories easily and effortlessly has been the aim of many a startup. One of the foremost such startups,, is involved in fashion and lifestyle segments.
Recently, their operations received a huge boost in the arm with the influx of investment worth Rs. 50 crore  in funding from Jitu Virwani, Chairman and MD, Embassy Group. Styletag is expected to make use of this investment to expand their range of products and advertise them more aggressively.

About Styletag

Bangalore-based Styletag was founded in 2012 by Sanjay and Yashodhara Shroff, along with former Infosys executive Vivek SP, tech blogger Prashant HN and web designer Soujanya Sreenath.A huge range of products are available on the startup’s attractive site, which is extremely easy to browse. The interests of both men and women are catered to-ranging from jewellery, western and ethnic wear to wedding wardrobes and bags, Styletag’s range of products is immensely large. All products are accompanied by attractive pictures, which help users in making choices. Limited customization of products, as regards size and colour, is also possible. Styletag also advertises products which are in high demand, besides listing discounts and exciting offers.

Future prospects

With its e-commerce wing flourishing, Styletag is determined to invest in technology more aggressively than ever to enhance user experience. 100 omni-channel models are expected to be in place across the country in 2 years. With an excellent range of products being made available through a hugely effective sales model, Styletag can be expected to dominate the lifestyle and fashion segment in the years to come. The startup is already looking at acquiring other design brands, in order to allow for more aggressive scaling-up.

Visit StyleTag’s website for more info.