Nightlife discovery app OUWT raises funding


Funding story

This  year has seen an explosion in the growth of leisure startups, with the rising demands of urban consumers enticing an expansion in the operations of leisure discovery companies. On the heels of Happitoo’s raising of $77,000 in October comes OUWT’s raising of $150,000(almost Rs. 1 crore) from a group of unnamed angel investors. The nightlife discovery app aims to expand its network of operations across India, and go in for aggressive marketing in a bid to outflank its many rivals in what is a hugely competitive segment.

What is OUWT?

The Mumbai-based startup, which runs the app of the same name, was founded by Prateek Lal, Shreyas Rajagopal and Yuvraj Bhalla. All three are hugely experienced entrepreneurs, whose skills have created a wonderful nightlife discovery platform. OUWT enables users to find out the best lounges, bars and nightclubs for the perfect night out. The app seeks to become the ideal personal nightlife companion. OUWT seeks to provide value-added services, with excellent maps and even prices of alcohol being available, to ensure the best leisure experience possible. Users can also look at all nightlife events occurring within a particular distance of their choice, and the app also allows for events to be categorized on the basis of music being played. According to co-founder Prateek Lal, the use of a robust social engagement model has allowed for relevant data points to be highlighted, paving the way for customers to discover nightlife events in the most convenient manner possible.

The bottom line

The app, which is available on Android and iOS, currently covers about 300 venues in Mumbai. OUWT is also expected to commence operations in Pune by the end of the year. With over 3,000 downloads having already occurred, OUWT’s focus on innovation and customer convenience is likely to serve it well in the race to out-compete the likes of Instabounce, Happitoo and Partiko.
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