OyeTaxi : Integrating taxi aggregators into a single platform for customers’ convenience


About taxi aggregation, and the challenges which it throws up

The ever-increasing Indian taxi market(with an estimated value of $9 billion, according to some) is being eyed eagerly by taxi aggregators such as Ola and Uber, who continue to repeatedly invest more and more, in a bid to outpace their rivals. For customers, this may sound like a pleasant prospect-with multiple players fighting to add value to their services and make them cheaper and more broad-based, what else could the Indian customer need? However, the plethora of options available often only ends up confusing the customer.
The various taxi aggregators, and in particular, the two fierce rivals Ola and Uber often offer differing ETAs and fares, which leads to confusion and inconvenience for users. The solutions to such problems are offered by OyeTaxi-a startup which runs an app(of the same name), which aggregates taxi aggregators.

About OyeTaxi

Launched in July 2015 by Engineering and Management students Karan, Vipul, Anuj and Nitesh, OyeTaxi offers a number of features which enhances convenience for customers who wish to avail of the services of different taxi aggregators. OyeTaxi creates a highly useful platform which allows customers to navigate to the app of the taxi aggregator of their choice. To aid the user in making the best possible choice, OyeTaxi uses the customer’s GPS location to create a list of all the cabs belonging to different aggregators available nearby. A number of relevant details-such as the fare, ETA and types and makes of the cars available are presented to the customer, in order to enable him to make the best possible choice. Thus, the days of mentally determining the pros and cons of the services  of various taxi aggregators are brought to an end by OyeTaxi. Currently, the following 4 taxi aggregators are supported : Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure and Meru.

What we think

OyeTaxi thus combines simplicity with innovation to create a novel platform which offers maximum benefit to customers. The taxi aggregator market may be hugely fought over in India, but OyeTaxi’s services allow for the various aggregators to collaborate with it in setting up the platform, which also has great benefits for them, for their services can now be showcased easily on one platform. The spirit of innovation and dedication which gave birth to this novel concept is sure to serve the startup well, in the years to come.

The Android app can be downloaded here.