Wearables maker Sensegiz raises funding

Funding story

One of the foremost smartwatch makers in India, Belgaum-based Sensegiz, recently raised $500,000 from Karnataka Semiconductor Venture Fund (KARSEMVEN), notching up a significant success which is likely to make the high-flying company net huge gains in coming months. The raised funding is likely to be used for large-scale marketing and advertising, and expanding its already huge range of products. CEO Abhishek Latthe also believes that this will aid the smartwatch company garner further funding easily.

About Sensegiz and its products

The company, which has so far operated on the B2B model, is now venturing into the B2C category. Its two products have been proven to be big hits : these are FIND, a device tracker and the smartwatch STAR.
FIND claims to be a Bluetooth-operated “track&find” device which allows users to keep track of all their belongings, from keys to pets!!! It operates using two modes-Active Tracking and Manual Search. The former sets off an alarm based on the physical distance between the user and the product being monitored, and the latter allows for searches for lost or misplaced objects.
STAR is an innovative smartwatch which comes along with a host of features, such as the enabling of simple gestures to allow the smartwatch to perform phone-like functions such as picture taking or app launching, and the tracking feature, which monitors fitness data such as sleep quality, distance walked, etc. Overall, STAR is much more than a watch, providing accessible and useful functions which are of great benefit to the user.

The bottom line

Sensegiz’s profile has already attained an international shape, with its prime markets being the American and Japanese ones, with STAR already having sold 3,000 units. While some other smart wearable brands such as Jawbone and Misfit wearables offer a significant amount of competition, Sensegiz’s thirst for innovation and use of cutting-edge technology to achieve the same give it the edge.


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