Mobile hotel room booking app RoomsTonite raises angel funding


Funding story

Mobile hotel room booking app RoomsTonite continues the trend of a steady expansion of the online booking sector. The startup recently succeeded in raising angel investment worth $1.5 million in a round of funding which saw participation from several eminent investors. These included Lashit Sanghvi, Co-Founder of Alchemy Capital, Nikhil Vora of Sixth Sense Ventures, and Venkat Vardhan of DNA Networks.
RoomsTonite seeks to use the raised funding for comprehensive expansion, and wants to increase its international footprint as well.

About RoomsTonite’s services

The Bengaluru-based startup, founded by Suresh John, seeks to be a last-minute hotel booking app. The app-only nature of its services is testament to RoomsTonite’s desire to focus on user convenience. Given the rising consumerist demands of the urban smartphone-possessing class, its no surprise that RoomsTonite has been such a big hit.
RoomsTonite’s excellent platform also gives great exposure to hotels, enabling them to reach out to customers. Creating an effective online interface between customers and hoteliers thus also benefits the latter in numerous ways.
RoomsTonite specifically targets customers who seek affordable, yet quality accommodation. The information pertaining to various kinds of accommodation is available on one page. All relevant information, such as price, facilities and glimpses of hotel rooms. Rooms are graded according to price-RoomsTonite recognizes how important budgeting is for the middle-class tourist, and seeks to cater to his every demand. The startup also creates safe and secure payment channels, will allow for the hassle-free securing of earning by hoteliers as well.

Present status, and future prospects

A large number of hotels-many premier chains among them-are affiliated with RoomsTonite’s network. These include Fortune, Daiwik Hotels, the Pride Hotels, The Park Hotels, Spree and the Best Western, to name a few.
With the online hotel booking industry growing at a phenomenal rate, RoomsTonite’s emphasis on user convenience is sure to reap rich dividends and benefit large numbers of hoteliers and customers alike.

RoomsTonite is available for AndroidiOS,Microsoft and Blackberry users.