Car repair startup Bumper raises funding


Funding story

The automobile segment is being given a huge leg-up by technology-centric startups in every way. The latest manifestation of this was the raising of $500,000 by Bengaluru based car care services provider Bumper. This round was led by prominent funding house SAIF Partners. The 2015-founded startup is backed by Autoninja, which was founded by Akhil Gupta, Rahul Bendre, Ashis Nayak and Kshitij Saxena. Autoninja is a startup which focuses on tech for auto retailers in India, and its network consists of over 100 dealers across 26 major Indian cities.

About Bumper’s services

Even though the aggregation of cars which can be bought/hired/rented has grown apace, there is still a great need for developing a suitable platform which could take care of all car-related problems. Bumper seeks to become such a platform. The app’s very nature is geared towards solving all possible kinds of car problems by simply giving the platform details about the user and his vehicle. Appointments can easily be booked-Bumper provides users with details about the appointment itself, and informs them about the prices of various repair activities. All kinds of dent, repair and paint activities are covered by this excellent platform. Over 100 workshops affiliated with Bumper provide users with 24×7 service.The platform also claims to emphasise transparency and fairness,with a team of experienced experts reviewing pricing.


The total turnover of the Indian auto industry was estimated to be $67 billion in 2012-13, with 23.4 million vehicles being churned out, as of 2015. Similar growths have been observed in the auto ancillary and automotive components segments. Along with this rise, a growth in demand for car repair services has also been observed. Bumper’s excellent app and website-based platform allows users to find the best possible solutions for all car-related problems. This will benefit car users and manufacturers across the country.

For more info, visit the startup’s website.