Chat based delivery startup MagicTiger acquires Instano



The rising demands of the urban middle class mean that startups offering versatile services are in huge demand nowadays. Imagine having to ask for the deliveries of a variety of items-ranging from cinema tickets to grocery. How does one facilitate this? Instead of going to various sources for different services, wouldn’t it be comfortable to avail of the services of a single versatile delivery network? Startups like MagicTiger seek to do exactly this. The Bangalore-based startup, set up by Pratyush Prasanna, provides a comprehensive delivery platform which aids customers in need.

About MagicTiger and Instano

Following its acquisition of artificial intelligence based platform Zoyo and delivery platform GoDeliver, MagicTiger made another significant step-up by acquiring chat-based B2C app Instano. Instano happens to be MagicTiger’s direct competitor. Like it, it seeks to ensure on-demand delivery of a variety of services over chat. This greatly strengthens MagicTiger’s team. As part of this deal, Instano’s co-founders Rajesh Ranjan, Rakesh Krishna Andey and Vedant Agarwala will join MagicTiger. Instano and MagicTiger both focus on versatility, and maximum end-user convenience. Users can easily access their services via the wonderfully interactive chat platform. MagicTiger, for instance, claims to be an all-in-one virtual personal assistant, and the limits of its assistance are determined by the user’s requirements. These services are also extremely affordable, with MagicTiger charging the user only for the particular items purchased and services taken. With online payment and COD(Cash On Delivery) systems both being available, these systems are both geared up towards ensuring maximum user convenience.
Instano, on the other hand, charged a highly nominal delivery fee of Rs. 20, and had managed to notch up over 1200 users overall-a third of them via the app, and the rest through Whatsapp.

Our prediction

This segment is likely to expand rapidly in the coming months, and MagicTiger is well placed to lead the charge. Its focus on user convenience and smart expansion strategies are certain to reap rich dividends.

MagicTiger’s website can be visited here. The startup’s apps are available for both Android and iOS users.