2 Actionable Tips to Scale and Deliver a perfect product to Your Consumers


A perfect product that matches most of consumer requests is hard to deliver. Even with all the help from consumer behaviour research, your product or service may never seem ‘perfect’ or ‘ready’ to them yet. The solution hides behind creating a scalable product which gets better with time. This process, however, will cater only to your most-loyal paying consumers such as small, medium and large businesses.

Scalability is quite hard to attain especially for a startup. Scaling too early might lose you business because you do not yet know how complex are the consumer needs. So, you cannot scale your services to exactly meet their demand. Consecutively, scaling too late would imply losing the right time for product launch strategy and product delivery, which happens quite often with startup enterprises who feel bound by time restrictions. The longer it takes for product launch and the subsequent product delivery, the more it lags behind in competition.

So, the question that now arises is, how to scale and deliver a perfect product to your consumers?

Let’s analyse.

1. Resolving Bugs Post-Product Launch & Product Delivery.

Whether the product delivery was perfect or not, it will most possibly contain bugs for you to fix. Whether the product is in the form of a website, web app, Native Android/iOS/Windows/BlackBerry/Symbian mobile app or a custom-made app for an enterprise.

A coding error or browser compatibility issue will not be mitigated unless a technical team caters to them. This leads to a grey-area where unexplored issues arise from places unthought of beforehand.

Also, it is unwise to expect paying customers to report bug issues. Most of them will not bother with it. They expect everything to be handed to them, which means you need to track their activities in real-time and see where they are facing the issue and fix it!

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2. Product Scalability to Meet Consumer Demands.

While you are undergoing the stages of product planning & design, product launch, marketing plan & product delivery, you and your team will encounter several thought-provoking ideas to add to your service. This action comes under review when paying consumers ask to include features in their premium services that you had previously thought about.

In such a case, you have two choices- either tell the customer that you are in the developmental phase of bringing such services to meet everyone’s needs, or design a custom-made solution that meets their personal challenges. In the latter scenario, you keep this consumer’s business for a long-time, because they see your dedication. This leads to good business relationship, considering there is no shortage of service providers in today’s day and age.


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