Reverse logistics and asset management startup Blubirch gets funding


Funding story

Bengaluru based reverse logistics service provider Blubirch recently made a key breakthrough by notching up $2 million in angel funding from Chicago Capital Ventures, Sanjay Mehta, and PE Investors. Set up by Sapan Jain, Jeby Cherian, Amit Goel and Jayathirtha P.Katti in April 2014, the startup specializes in deliveries and optimization of used and returned inventory.

What is Blubirch?

Blubirch seeks to create a comprehensive platform which allow clients to manage miscellaneous technological assets. The startup’s use of excellent data security measures ensures that 100% compliance to transparency is maintained. Furthemore, used inventory is not just utilized in an optimal fashion, but is also managed properly. Given the high demands of operations optimization today, many enterprises are in need of Blubirch’s services.
The startup’s services are of three types-enterprise-related, consumer-related and retailer. Enterprise-related services include asset life cycle management, buyback services, refurbishment and rental services. These are geared towards ensuring that companies get the most out of their equipment. Blubirch will ensure that companies will no longer think of investment into the maintenance of used goods to be a wasteful venture. The startup also helps companies buy and sell such equipment for maximum profitability. The entire process is marked by an emphasis on quality controls and transparency.

The competition, and the verdict

A wide variety of enterprises currently avail of Blubirch’s services, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. Over 2000 reseller networks are tapped into by Blubirch, and its operating run rate is estimated to be Rs. 100 crore.  A number of other startups are operating in the reverse logistics segment-these include Gurgaon-based Reboot and However, Blubirch’s excellent team of experts, and its focus of holistic asset management practices are likely to keep it ahead of the competition, in a segment which is priced at $20 billion and is growing at a rapid pace.

Visit the Blubirch website for more info.


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