Food-tech startup Ubiquitous Foods raises funding for its restaurant brand Eatfresh


Funding story

Food tech startups continue to secure fresh funding, even as the segment as a whole goes through a precarious stage. Chennai-based food tech startup Ubiquitous Foods recently succeeded in raising a fresh round of funding from Kalaari Capital, an investor of great repute and renown. The raised funding will be used primarily for the expansion of its internet-first restaurant brand Eatfresh, which operates out of Bengaluru.

About Eatfresh

Launched in August 2015 by Rajiv Subramaniam, Eatfresh seeks to provide delicious and affordable chef-made meals to households, providing them on the basis of a rotating menu. Like many other successful food tech startups, Eatfresh seeks to provide a holistic food ordering platform, starting from order-taking to door-step delivery. The reliance on other enterprises for logistics and related facilities has caused a downturn in the fortunes of many a food-tech startup. In addition to offering an exciting menu, Eatfresh also ensures recipe creation, quality monitoring and extensive analytics of production technology and demand. The integration of these various related services into one effective platform is EatFresh’s biggest strength.
The startup’s web platform operates on a very easy-to-understand basis, and currently services 15 locations in Bangalore and surrounds. The user can provide details of his location-using info of area, street or landmark, to be notified of the day’s menu. Eatfresh’s services can be availed of between 12 noon and 10.30 pm. A wide variety of demands and palates are catered to-Indian, European, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisines are served by a curated team of experienced chefs, whose skills are renowned.

Past investment, and the road ahead

Another of Ubiquitous Food’s ventures is Eatfresh’s sister concern Ovenfresh, which  is a retail bakery chain that was set up in 2008. Kalaari had invested in Ubiquitous Foods in 2013 as well. With the latest round of funding expected to be used to boost Eatfresh’s logistics network, as well as for aggressive marketing, Ubiquitous’s products can be safely considered to have a bright future ahead.

To avail of their services, or for more info, visit the website.



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