TheNewsMinute raises funding from Quintillion Media


Funding story

Providing content specific to the 5 southern states, prominent media outlet TheNewsMinute succeeded in rsaising funding from Quintillion Media. This is a significant boost for the news outlet, whose offering of specific regional news has given it a huge popularity boost in the recent past.
Former Times Now(South) Bureau Chief Dhanya Rajendran is part of the exciting venture, along with journalist and author Chitra Subramaniam and Vignesh Vellore.

About TheNewsMinute

The website’s excellent format makes it very appealing. TheNewsMinute also offers critical analysis of key content, besides providing news from a plethora of sources pertaining to the 5 southern states-Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. TNM also has an excellent blog, and firmly believes in driving democracy through opinion. Just today, for instance, the outlet ran an opinionated article , lamenting the gross contravention of democracy which occurred as a result of Shashi Tharoor not being allowed to present his bill asking for the annulment of section 377. TheNewsMinute is firmly pro-secularism and human rights. In addition, TheNewsMinute publishes several articles dealing with cultural facets, with a special emphasis on the impact of the social media on culture.
Regarding the development, Mr. Vellore said that TNM’s overall aim is to ensure the integration of traditional journalism with digital technology, and to provide the latest high-quality news to citizens in an attractive format. The raised funding is expected to be used for aggressive marketing and for furthering the TNM brand.


This latest instance of funding is part of a significant expansion by digital media channels in general-about $73 million has been raised in all, with major gainers being ScoopWhoop, NewsInShorts and PopXO. TheNewsMinute’s commitment to providing quality news, and its excellent team of talented journalists is likely to keep it ahead of the curve in what is an extremely competitive segment.

To stay in touch, check out their website.


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