Online automobile marketplace Droom ties up with Uber to offer chopper rides


About the alliance of the giants

One of the most significant recent trends in the automobile segment has been the tieing up of big enterprises to provide specialized services. The latest manifestation of this trend was the decision of Droom, online automobile marketplace to tie up with Uber to allow Indian consumers to experience high-quality chopper rides. Helicopter rides are seen as a luxury travel option by many consumers, and a number of tourist destinations offer these exciting rides at low prices. Droom, set up by Rishab Malik in April 2014, has an Aerial Vehicle section which allows its users to avail of helicopter rides. It is this section which the alliance seeks to tap.

Details about the alliance

The alliance essentially seeks to allow Droom users to book half-hour chopper rides through the Uber app from December 25. This is basically a reaffirmation of the efficacy of the Uber app, which allows for the effective booking of transportation solutions. 4 major metropolitan cities (Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune)are expected to be part of this unique venture. This also marks the third time that these two transportation giants will partner each other. They had earlier collaborated on supercar projects in Delhi and Chandigarh.  Uber’s share of this exciting venture involves taking care of the logistical angle-basically, by picking users up from their homes and then dropping them. After a meal, the Droom helicopter ride will commence. Thus, the alliance brings together two of the best transportation companies to provide a revolutionary Christmas experience to urban consumers.

About Droom, and future prospects

Silicon-valley based Droom is likely to ride on the back of this exciting tie-up with the renowned company Uber to strengthen its profile. Its team consists of over 100 trained professionals,  and its Indian HQ is located in Gurgaon. The aforementioned supercar initiative which it pioneered with Uber involved allowing users to rent Audis and Hummers.


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