Startups that have been selected for FBStart program by Facebook for 2016




India is the largest market for Facebook’s global program to help developers build apps – FbStart – outside the US, a senior company executive said. Started in the year 2014 in India, FBStart program selects early age mobile-app based startups to build, grow and monetize their App.

“The reason for our existence is to make the world more open and connected and we have been trying achieving it through our family of apps over the past 12 years,” Satyajeet Singh, who leads Product Partnerships for Facebook in India, told IANS.

In the year 2016, many startups have been selected so far for the 1 year of FBStart program through which they will be getting freebies worth USD40K and a direct mentorship and other relevant benefits from social media giant Facebook itself.

Eventila: Founded in late 2015 by Deepti Prasad, eventila is an online event management platform strongly built on technology and uses advanced features that help users find a right and relevant vendors for their life events. Eventila has shown steady growth in the year 2016 and has been executing a good number of events and generating revenue.

Eventila on Google Play

FixU: Hyderabad-based FixU is a home services delivery startup. Using Technology and qualified service professionals, they are just solving the Home Services category brilliantly and building the ease of Mobility for the society. Founded this year by Founder Vamshi Krishna and Nikhil, FixU provides home services like Beautician, Laundry, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Painter etc with just a few clicks on its Mobile App available on Android and iOS.

Being selected to this track, Founders comments “FbStart program will be an immense boost for us at this phase of our evolution. Receiving mentorship from the pioneer of social networking will bring a huge opportunity for us to lead the Home Service revolution in India within the next couple of years.”

FixU on Google Play  |  FixU on App Store is a micro-learning platform that helps users learn in a new way using technology. Specifically developed on algorithms using techniques like Spaced Repetition, Adaptive Learning, Infographics and Gamification that builds a lasting memory and helps in quick memory retention.

“Most of the education apps in the Indian market including Byju, Toppr, and the likes are platforms as alternatives to classroom coaching. The focus is on comprehensive learning. aims to be a platform which not only caters to the problem of a distracted learner but also provide an effective medium of learning for a curious learner who would be interested in exploring new domains without any formal learning session,” said Zunaid Ahmed, co-founder of

Founded by Zunaid Ahmed along with Udit Jain and Push Raj Saurabh, content is offered as spaced learning that can boost the user’s brain to learn and retain lessons, bite-sized notification that helps students learn things on the go, and handy flashcards that help to memorize. on Google Play

XPrep: An Edutech venture that is solving the problem of visibility and engagement within the Tutor – Parent network by enveloping tutors under its single umbrella banner. It enables these tutors with technology to cater their students in an enriching manner as well as communicate with parents in a transparent manner.

XPrep on Google Play

Flicksup: Being a movie buff, the Founders  Tarun and Siddharth were determined to build a product which will allow the movie lovers to share their perspective, share plot theories and discuss relevant content on one platform. Apart from movies, the platform also includes web series and other popular TV series too.

Social network Flicksup aiming to enhance content discovery was founded by IIT-Roorkee alumni Tarun Valecha, Siddharth Maheshwari and IIT-Bombay alumni Pawan Nagwani. After graduating in 2014, Tarun worked with Flipkart while Siddharth worked at InMobi and Pawan worked at Samsung in South Korea before starting up with their entrepreneurial stint.

 Flicksup on Google Play

VideoVibe: is a YouTube video analytics platform. VideoVibe compiles data from YouTube and uses the data to make statistical graphs and charts that track progress and growth. It includes information such as estimated earnings and future projections, providing both numerical data and easy-to-read graphs. Statistics are freely available to anyone using the website or smartphone apps. Videovibe currently tracks over 10k YouTube channels. Videovibe reaches over 50k unique visitors in one month. The pricing is based on different subscription slabs on a per month basis with a 14 days of free trial.

VideoVibe on Google Play 

Vimmune: Founded by Ashutosh and Vivek Prasad, Vimmune is a science-based, Immunization Management and Tracking app which is free to use. It provides services such as lifetime vaccination reminders and printing of immunization summary directly from the app. The app also offers science- and evidence-based content on topics of public health importance such as vaccine safety and vaccination pain management strategy for babies to help parents make informed decisions.

The firm plans to explore revenue opportunities through B2B and B2C channels. “In the B2C model, we plan to generate revenues by offering value-based freemium services from vImmune. We also have a comprehensive product roadmap that includes a cognitive platform strategy based on proprietary algorithms. In the B2B model, we plan to license our health and wellness platform, which goes beyond immunization, to insurance providers in a subscription model,” Ashutosh said.

Vimmune on Google Play | Vimmune on App Store

JobSenz: A Singapore-based job search and educational content and recruiter management platform. Founded by Monish Karam, a graduate of the National University of Singapore and IE Business School, Madrid, JobSenz is a platform for both working professionals and students where coaching centers and educators sell their course materials directly. It also enables job search and has a multi-lingual resume builder with which users can download their resume.

JobSenz has multiple revenue pools. It takes a fee on the premium educational content sold on its platform, in addition to advertisements and revenue from job and resume services.

JobSenz on Google Play