Benefits and Considerations of Dedicated Web Hosting


The opposite of shared hosting is dedicated hosting. With dedicated web hosting, the webmaster has the full authorization and administration of the website. He/she can decide the applications to install, the security requirements, and the customized configuration, etc.

With dedicated hosting, you will get your own server, not a shared server. In other words, the server’s full storage space is yours. If you have a website with a lot of traffic, several e-commerce applications, or a huge database, you obviously need dedicated hosting. There are huge benefits of dedicated web hosting, and some of the benefits are provided here.

Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

Web hosting is most known for its reliability and controllability. Dedicated web server is easier to control and more secure than a shared server. You will have full root access on the server, and the system administrator will have the full right to make any changes regarding software, applications, update, maintenance, configurations, etc.

Dedicated servers have increased reliability because web administrators have control over page optimization in regard to page loading speed, server resource allocation, etc. Server reliability ensures customer satisfaction, as the reliable hosting can meet the business goal of website.

In addition, there are some application benefits provided by dedicated web hosting providers:

  • The server administrator can apply for kernel updates, software patches, and service packs. They can also monitor traffic, provide higher security, balance your server load, and configure FTP, email accounts, and DNS services.
  • They offer dependable servers for online gaming, chat applications, e-mail applications, etc.
  • They provide secured database support for high traffic e-commerce sites in order to to keep your information secure.
  • They offer greater flexibility of storage space and applications if needed.
  • You can upgrade to enterprise level web hosting.
  • You can restrict content only to targeted visitors if you want.

Considerations on Dedicated Web Hosting

Considering all of these benefits, a dedicated web server may be a better choice for your business website. However, there are some additional considerations before contracting with any provider. You can make decision by keeping in mind the following things:

  • Data Transfer Rates

The data transfer rate is an important need to consider. It is determined by the download rate of the content provided on the website. The dedicated hosting provider offers several packages for data transfer levels. It is measured in gigabytes per month. Higher levels of data transfer rates cost more monthly, so choose the data transfer rate package based on your content type. For example, if your content is only text, you will need a lower transfer rate than a site that uses audio or video content. In this case, the high transfer rate package will be a waste of money.

  • Operating Platforms

The most commonly used server is the Windows-based server. Even though it is more expensive, it is more user friendly. Another server type is the Linux-based server. It is less expensive but harder to maintain. Make sure to use the operating system that is more suitable for your needs.

  • Monitoring

If any interruption occurs, server monitoring is needed. The web host will provide a service that can, at a pre-set frequency, check a website to monitor downtime.

  • Data Backup

You will have to back up your data for any downtime. Some hosting providers have a plan to back up your data your essential, which reduces the hassle. Make sure the provider you choose has a backup plan.

  • Automation

Although dedicated servers take more skills to operate, there are some software applications that do all these procedures automatically.  Good web hosting companies provide automation software for your convenience, which may be necessary for implementing new services.

  • Scalability

Dedicated web hosting providers have an option to upgrade upon major growth of your account. Progressive expansion will involve extra space, extra bandwidth, or better packages. There should be an easy transition option for handling software and hardware.

  • Agreements

Some hosting providers offer features like a 100% uptime guarantee, unlimited live technical support, free upgrade of patches, hot-fixes, a personal dedicated sales account manager, staff maintenance with required spare parts for server configuration, and many more. Make sure you have a full understanding of their commitment. Judge the offers they are providing before trusting what they say.

These tips are some important facts you need to consider before contracting with any dedicated hosting provider. An educated decision is needed to avoid issues that come with not-so-good hosting.


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