Content transfer app Plick raises funding


Funding story

Plick, an innovative app which facilitates content and media sharing among devices, recently raised an undisclosed amount in angel funding from investor Sanjay Mehta of Indian Angel Network. Sanjay is also a part of certain other ventures, such as Mumbai Angels, B2B 1K Ventures and Venture Nursery.

What is Plick?

Plick was founded in 2015 by Kapil Sanghavi. It aims to make content sharing easy in today’s age of innumerable devices. Content has also become hard to keep track of nowadays. Plick’s solutions allow for the hassle-free transfer of media and miscellaneous content from web browsers to phones and vice versa. In the case of Plick, the entire process takes place without the involvement of cables, email or Bluetooth. The excellent app is currently available for Chrome, Android and iOS devices. The content sharing process in this case doesn’t even require downloading the content in question. Thus, the arduous process of keeping track of one’s content is avoided. The app can be used to send up to 100 units of data at a time. Moreover, Plick also acts as a content curator, allowing users to subscribe to TV channels to stay in touch with the latest info. A single broadcast channel can be subscribed to for free. Plick seeks to generate revenue by enticing users to subscribe to multiple broadcasting channels.

About Sanjay Mehta, and the startup’s future prospects

According to investor Sanjay Mehta, Plick is not just a content transfer app, but a holistic content management tool. He also thinks that it has a bright future, and considers it to be a “pervasive utility”.
Mehta has a long history of investing in successful startups. Some of these are Poncho(, Unbxd, and Interview Master (TalView).
His latest investment was in IT reverse logistics startup Blubirch. One can expect his latest investment in the hugely promising Plick to be extremely successful as well.

The startup’s website can be visited here.