gets INR 1 Crore seed fund from DCS Group


“#Freedom ‪#‎GoDiscover‬‬”, tagline given to by it’s founder Yogesh Huja who introduced the app at ‪the Internet of Things‬ Symposium, Delhi. ‬ The startup gets seed funding from Managing Director of DCS Group, Kapil Goel with INR 1 Crore.

The app works with the Wi-Fi sensor to look out for the customers in the market place. It helps to count the number of customers coming in, simultaneously providing them the promotional discounts for their favourite places they enter or are nearby it using the app.  It uses the location services just like Apple’s ibeacon but in a different manner for availing service. It helps the firms to attract more customers and re-target the existing customers.

Now is onboard with 21 malls in NCR region. The other options provided by the company are searching for various assistances such as wheel chairs, lost and found etc while entering in a mall through the app. A management service is also provided by the company to the onboard malls for better use of their services. Currently, company is dealing with malls of Turkey and Dubai to provide the whole package of solutions the firm offers.

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