About “Start Up India, Stand Up India”, and what the average startup think about it


Introduction to the “Start Up India, Stand Up India” venture

“Start Up India,  Stand Up India”, the Indian Government’s excellent initiative to promote the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. Many of the initiatives which the PM has highlighted have already been received warmly by the average Indian startup. In particular, the PM’s promise to give a step-up to MSME initiatives has made startups very optimistic.

About the views of major startup

The views of many entrepreneurs are worth checking out, in this regard. Rahul Jalan of Indiaonline network believes that Modi’s initiatives will simplify the process of doing business a lot. He also thinks that a lot more can be done in this respect, and that easing tax laws and de-regulationising the congested system can help even more. Indiaonline.in itself is an excellent collection of India centric portals. Overall, 475 such portals are collated, creating a network which brings together as many as 4000 towns through respective state portals.
The programme is going to be conducted by the department of industrial policy and promotion. The programme’s emphasis on young and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, instead of the Ambanis and the Mistrys is an extremely commendable initiative.
A number of certification processes are also expected to be eased. Among these will be the quality certification processes prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS). Mr. Govind Bansal, co-founder of Aqua ( a startup telecom firm), said that the current certification process prevents startups from meeting market demands adequately.

Innefu’s take

Another major startup which has voiced its views about the whole process is IT startup firm Innefu Labs. Its co-founder Tarun Wig feels that Indian Govt. should realize that the innovation of in cyber security ecosystem can be achieved only by a two-pronged approach : one which simulatenously emphasizes economic growth as well as national security.
Innefu itself has tied up with a number of organizations, which involve the likes of the Army, Defense R&D Establishments and Intel agencies, among others.

Indiaonline’s website should be visited, for more info. Visit Innefu’s website here.