Woffr : An excellent platform which allows online and offline deals to be published


The deal offer segment

E-marketplaces and deal offer platforms have greatly simplified and enhanced shopping experiences in today’s world. An excellent startup which seeks to provide offline and online shopping solutions is Gurgaon-based startup Woffr. This startup is a brainchild of Puneet Agrawal of MyWolet Services Pvt. Ltd..  MyWolet itself was founded in September 2014 by Agrawal and Ishwar Chandra Gupta.

What is Woffr?

Woffr ensures that deals and offers from popular brands are made available to the customer at his fingertips, with the hyperlocalization of such offers also being achieved. While many other ecommerce and deal offering portals allow only deals being offered online to be curated, Woffr ensures the maximum possible number of deals being made available by providing for offline solutions also.
This also benefits merchants in tier-II and III cities, who sometimes find it impossible to digitize all their offers.
Woffr also ensures that offers from a diverse range of segments are offered on its platform, ranging from lifestyle and dining to home décor, electronics and salon, among others. Woffr’s excellent platform thus comes as a godsend for many merchants too-allowing them to reach target audiences effectively, and at a very affordable price. This has far-reaching implications, especially at a time when a significant amount of resources are wasted in deal creation and publishing.


Currently, the Woffr app is available on Android only, but it an iOS app is likely to be brought out soon. The app’s use of extensive validation technology for the offers which it presents, and the use of an overall easy-to-use platform is likely to revolutionise the marketplace and deal offer segment in the years to come.

For more info, visit the startup’s website. The Android app can also be downloaded.