NCR based FoodTech startup First Eat raises 200K$ seed amount

First Eat, just another startup entrant in the FoodTech sector in india?

Amidst all hues and cries in late 2015 and early 2016 in the Food Tech sector, First Eat raises USD 200K from an Entrepreneur.

2015 shown a good traction and rise of FoodTech sector in India. With the heavy investments in Q1-Q3 2015 it was a boost for the sector. But in Q4 where VCs and PEs pulled their hands from putting any further money in this sector and we saw some dip in the segment with cases like mass firing (Tinyowl, Zomato and few others) and others.

Gurgaon-based FoodTech startup First Eat was launched in October 2015 by four MBA Grads (Mannat Wadhera, Rishabh Tickoo, Saikat Bagchi and Shitiz Dogra), who are childhood friends as well by chance. They wanted to change the way India eats breakfast and came up with the mission of “Choosing the correct healthy meal for better health”.

They started their operation in the first week of Nov’15 from Cyber City in Gurgaon and is now currently spreading its operations in all areas of Gurgaon fastly including most of the commercial spaces.

This is an App only FoodTech service, where you can order for a healthy meal from your device (Android or iOS based).

First Eat-How it works

Download its Mobile App for Android and iOS.

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