Sustainability- A New Opportunity for Small Businesses in Developing Markets


Collaborating and helping the environment has always been a rich resource for entrepreneurship. Quite commonly, companies involved in manufacturing are advised to or make use of environmentally friendly methods. Using the environment in everyone’s favour urges the need to transform traditional production practices while meeting the needs of society without causing pollution or any gruesome damage. All these arguments in practice indicate Sustainability.

The argument starts to thin around the debate of micro-enterprises adopting sustainability as a part of their day-to-day business operations. Due to the existing Trade & Commerce regulations, it is often burdensome for small businesses to afford sustainable measures.

This is why there is a great amount of discussion surrounding How can micro-entrepreneurs make their business sustainable?’ Let us try and explore some of the options.

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A Micro-enterprise must be Socially Responsible.

Sustainability requires preventative action from a micro-enterprise. They should perform a redundancy analysis to see a department in need of improvement. This involves taking a hard look at the poorly performing aspects and try to minimise damages that it causes.

Casually speaking, the advancement of technology is unstoppable. Today, we are destroying the environment at a much faster rate than a hundred years ago. The problem at hand is concentrated exactly at this spot. Often times, the repair process cannot be accelerated.

In the worst-case scenario, the degradation of nature surges to a higher level of destruction which makes it hard to recover. It may not yet reach a point where there are no more means of recovery, but it is safe to say that none of these options presents economic feasibility.

To understand the degree of importance and relevance of sustainability, it is extremely important to have a notion of social entrepreneurship.

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A Micro-enterprise must Seek Eco-efficiency to attain Sustainability.

A sustainable micro-enterprise seeks for eco-efficiency. This consists of producing more eco-friendly products and making ample use of renewable resources.

A firm that has its eyes set on sustainability must look after the environment for the sake of all those who are involved in the operation (workers, suppliers, local residents).

The big trend is to take social and environmental value into account. To achieve good results, one must think of innovation, and transparency of information, principally including the sustainability measures which are currently underway. You may also include the near future plans in this area.

Such an environmentally responsible market creates concentrated business opportunities in Sustainable Markets.

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Two marketing tips for better analysis and exploration.

1. The Innovation must be in Favour of Nature.

The preservation and production of energy using natural resources is the ongoing debate. Increasingly, newer markets are emerging that employ new methods to acquire energy, create dependable services & technologies that help to save high energy costs.

One of the outstanding examples in this category is the economical energy-saving lamps also known as the LED & CFL bulbs. Other sectors have also seen a rise in the use of recyclable materials in Construction, and areas of production and design that apply various reliable types of resources.

Innovation-based enterprises do things differently and take the less-frequented measures to ensure an everlasting company stability. The return on such concerned investments bounces back in the form of excellent profit founded on such actions.

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2. Manufacturing Products for the Environmental Preservation.

Taking precautions to avoid environmental degradation is just the first step.

But a creative entrepreneur (or the enterprise) need not stop there! There is a whole new area to expand and build opportunities. Employment for the new age of Engineers will help design and market environmentally-sound products and services that will maintain the integrity of the environment.

Adopt sustainability not just in theory but in practice as well, and reap the benefits of consumer affection & positive attitude towards the company. By implementing pragmatic ideas and innovation, you will always stay miles ahead of your competition and retain a permanent place in the market for ages to come.

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