Fasetto shows off wireless 2TiB SSD at CES


This is CES 2017 week! And we can see a lot of new gadgets are coming out from the manufacturer. Say its new Galaxy A series, new 4K television from Samsung, or new gaming laptops like Alienware! If you think that’s just little thing (if you are really a geek and not enough to satisfy you) Fasetto has got your entire attention.

At CES 2017, Fasetto launched an extremely portable SSD. If you think that’s still nothing new, then its size might!

These SSDs will come up to 2TiB of storage, and is completely wireless!

Fasetto launches portable SSD up to 2TiB!

Enough bragging about the launch, now let’s get to the serious stuff. The new SSDs will be available in three different storage capacity – 256GiB, 512GiB & 2TiB.

The SSD measure just 2×2-inches & weighs around 100 grams. It also has ruggedness certificate MIL-STD 810G & even IP68 certification. It uses Dual-Band 802.11ac WiFi connectivity to connect 30 devices at a time. At the same time, you can stream on up to 15 devices.

Official website‘s video shows how you can connect a DSLR with it and back up photographs!

Since these SSDs are completely wireless, hence you will require a charging source for it. For that, the company has added a USB Type-C which charges the inbuilt 1300mAh battery within 75 minutes. The equipped battery will run for continuous 5hrs on a single charge. However, you can add another battery to it, which connects magnetically to the SSD and provides power for 8 continuous hours.

The prices are quite high, though. 256GiB variant will come for $349 (approximately equal to ₹ 23,000) whereas 512GiB variant will come for $499( around ₹ 34,000). On the other hand, the 2TiB variant will come for a hefty price of  $1,149( around ₹ 78,000).

Right now, these SSDs are available for pre-orders on the official website and will ship by April 2017.

Stay Tuned for more!