5 ways to Energise Your Job Search


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The process to find a job has changed entirely from the olden times to the present day. During the traditional times, there was no source of internet and application for job search where it was as easy to apply and wait for a phone call. Searching for a job has become very easy nowadays.There are various career portals that provide convenience to job search. Here are 5 ways to Energise Your Job Search easily:

  • Scan your resume:

Be careful and ensure that you have a proper resume without any deviations with you. The first thing an employer will check is your resume. The resume shall reflect your personality and thus should be professionally prepared. It is one of the most important documents of your life and thus it is important to ensure that you make a good investment on it. Have a plan in mind and know exactly what you want. Your resume shall be built on the same requirements. Know exactly what type of job you want, why you want and why someone should hire you. also, update your resume to various career portals.

  • Pay attention to what you are thinking:

It is important to pay attention to what you think by asking yourself if the job that you want is really true. It is necessary to talk to yourself. This is one of the powerful tools to raise your energy. Ensure that you avoid those who take your energy. Interact with people who believe in their success and wanting to help each other in affirming ways. Keep a plan in mind as planning helps you know if you are living accidently or intentionally. It is always better to live with a plan in mind because that increases the positive chances of achieving success within your desired timeline. Keep your mind focused.

  • Focus on the high-return job efforts:

The effectiveness rates vary from 5% to 50% according to your job search. Job boards shall fetch you just 5% effective rate whereas networking will fetch around 50% of effectiveness rate. Select around 10-30 companies with which you world love to work. You can do a company search on LinkedIn and recognize their staff and decision makers. Then check for someone who might make an introduction for you. Start following the people of the company on Facebook and LinkedIn. Try to interact with them and get into their group conversations. Comment on their blogs and try to get known. These efforts can contribute to a great energy in your job search as now you can expect to appear on the job boards to an active job seeker with a target on the positions that you really want. It is important that you optimize your LinkedIn profile. If the recruiter is searching for people through LinkedIn for the position that you are seeking, you can show up. Go to your profile and pepper it with proper keywords so that you can get a higher ranking for yourself. One of the simple ways is to look at the profiles of the people who have a high rank and try to follow some of the things that they do.


  • Review your online presence:

Most of the employers use Google to search your name and to learn more about you. So it is necessary that you make sure that you have a 100% completed profile. Review your activity on Facebook, twitter, blogs and other online accounts. Remove the negative comments and make sure that you are seen with a good impression. Show your professional knowledge on your own blogs and online exchanges.

  • Take action:

When we keep moving and doing, we raise our energy. This may be simply getting into networks and making more contacts. I can be candid or get a feedback from your work colleague on what is going well and on what is to be improved and worked upon. Such actions will surely raise your energy and help you do the best course.