Top 5 CopyPod alternatives



We all use smartphones today and most of us are fond of iPhones. The reason is also worthy, that it’s the best smartphone available in the market today. But managing the audio and music files is a big headache. If you want to move the music files to your iPhone, the step will include the transfer of files one by one. But there is another option available that you can use in order to transfer the files. Copypod is a software that will help you transfer all or selected files to your iPhone or iPod or iPad even. If you have a playlist on your PC or Laptop or Macbook, the copypod software will move that playlist from the PC to your Apple device easily. Copypod software is easy to use and you just have to follow the simple steps to transfer the files. Most of this software are music players basically but they are added with this feature of copypod, Which means they are used in multiple ways. Many software is available today but some of the best software are listed below that you can use. Some of them are paid and some are free so you can try any you like.

The biggest disadvantages of using this software are:

  1. In order to use all the features, you have to pay
  2. You won’t get every feature in one software
  3. You must know how this system works

There are many software available in the tech news today but we have shortlisted some best copypod software here

  1. TunesGo retro: – This is an awesome software to transfer music files from PC to iPod. You just have to connect your device to your PC and with some clicks you can complete the whole playlist to your device. You can use it for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This software can even transfer videos your devices.

Key feature: –

  1. the best feature of this software is that it converts the video format to iDevice-compatible formats at the time of transfer.
  2. Another awesome feature is at the time of transfer, this software transfers the data to iTunes so even some day your PC goes dead; you will have complete data that you can recover.

Download link: –


  1. Winamp: – This is just another media player that I use to think before. But don’t underestimate it. It’s really awesome and can do many things. The newer version of Winamp has many new features. Though it is also the best and the easiest software to transfer files from your PC to your Apple device.

Key Feature: –

  1. It is added with the new feature which can be used to make a backup of the files on iTunes.

Download link: –


  1. Copytrans Manager: – This is one of the faster and lighter software that you can use in order to sync files from PC to iPod or any other Apple device. Using this software one can easily transfer the playlists; artworks etc. one can also edit tags and artworks.

Key feature: –

  1. This software supports iPod touch and iPhones.
  2. If you are an iPhone4 user then this is one of the best software for you because it has the best support for iPhone4.

Download link: –


  1. Ephpod: – This is also a free software that one can use and it supports both windows and Linux operation systems so that to communicate between your iPod and PC. This software supports all types of formats that are used in iPods and newer models of iPod touch and iPhones. This software is completely compatible with music files and can also read and save outlook contacts.

Key feature: –

  1. The best feature of this software is its capacity to download the songs and playlists.
  2. It’s really fast as compared to other software.

Download Link: –


  1. Songbird: – This software is similar to Winamp and it is also a free software. You can use this software as a web browser that means you can surf the internet using this audio player. This is the best software for syncing the data from PC to iPod and vice versa.

Key features: –

  1. The best feature of this software is that it can transfer files to iTunes without the need of iTunes account. Yeah, that’s right, you don’t need any iTunes account in order to transfer files.

Download Link: –



These software are best to use but still we want you to know which is the best among these and so here we are comparing this software.

Easy to use: – Using the software is good but this doesn’t mean that everyone in this world can operate it. There are people who even don’t know how to hold the mouse and so it becomes compulsory to know the easiness to operate the software.

After the complete analysis, we found that the easiest software to use is Copytrans Manager. The reason is it is fast and lite and so you don’t have to worry much about your PC configuration. It can work smoothly even if you have medium or low configuration.

Transfer: – When it comes to transferring the best app we would like to suggest is EphPod. It’s good and supports both Windows and Linux platforms. This software also plays the playlist really quickly and so this software stands out of the crowd. It’s really good in both cases for iOS to iOS transfer and iOS to PC transfer. This software can also transfer the whole playlist that you have created to any iOS device.

If you have really important contacts then you must try Ephpod as it transfers the contacts from outlook to your iOS device easily. It will also help you in downloading the latest news, eBooks, weather reports and movie listings to your iPod.

Backups: – When it comes to backups which are also the most important thing considered when you have really sensitive and important data, you must try out Winamp. The newer version of this software is added with too many new features that will make you understand that Winamp is not just another media player.


Choosing the best software is completely your decision and you need to understand your needs first. You can’t get each and everything in just one software and so this is the reason you must decide your priority first. This priority will help you choose the software. There are many who are not aware of this software and many are using some of these but they don’t know all the features of this software. So better have a look and choose the one you need.


Points to compare Tunesgo retro Winamp Copytrans manager ephPod Songbird
Easy to use YES YES NO YES NO
Transfer data between iOS devices directly NO NO NO NO NO
Transfer data between iOS devices and PC/Mac/iTunes , YES YES YES YES YES
Transfer music including playlist between any device YES NO YES NO NO
Automatically fix music tags and album covers NO NO YES NO YES
Backup/restore contacts that you want on PC YES YES NO NO NO
Backup/restore messages that you want on PC YES YES NO YES NO