How to: Set up your new iPhone?


With the launch of iPhone 7 and dropped prices of iPhone 6s many new customers are switching to iOS. I often hear many people telling that it is a bit difficult to set up an iPhone. I think it’s not true. Setting up an iPhone is easy enough. Follow the steps below to setup your new iPhone.

How to Setup a new iPhone?

Step 1: Press and hold the power button to turn on your iPhone for the first time.

Step 2:ios10-iphone-new-setup-hello

You will ‘Hello’ in many languages. Press the home button or swipe to the right to continue.

Step 3: ios10-iphone-setup-select-country

Now choose your region and then your language.

Step 4: ios10-iphone-setup-wifi-location-services

Connect to WiFi network. If you don’t have a WiFi connection you can use your mobile data. Once done, turn location services on or off.

Step 5:  ios10-iphone-setup-touch-id-create-passcode

Now put your finger on the touch ID and complete the fingerprint scanning. Next, create a passcode.

Step 6: ios10-iphone-setup-apps-data

You will see four options to set your new phone. Three of them uses old backups and the best option is to set up your phone as a new iPhone. Just select that.

Step 7: ios10-iphone-setup-apple-id

After that, sign into your Apple ID. In case you don’t have one, create one from the ‘sign up’ option.

Step 8: ios10-iphone-setup-siri

Choose whether to use Siri or not. If you choose to turn it on follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup. Otherwise, choose ‘turn on Siri later’.

Step 9: ios10-iphone-setup-choose-home-button-click

If you have iPhone 7 or 7 plus then set up how much haptic feedback will you need from the home button. There will be three different options and you can choose from one. To check choose the feedback level and touch on the home button.

Step 10: ios10-iphone-setup-view

In the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus you will get two display options. The standard will show more screen in your phone and the zoomed will show larger texts. Choose whatever you are comfortable with. After selecting the screen it will take a few seconds and then it will take you to the home screen. Your new iPhone is now ready to use.