Top 7 Features of Google Allo


Google Allo is now available.  Google notes Allo to be a smart messaging app. To stand out of other famous apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Allo features Google Assistant. So what’s Google Assistant? Basically, it is a chatbot which can answer all your questions. Google Assistant works the same way like you chat with a real person moreover it remembers your choices over time. Well, Allo can be useful in a lot of ways and here are the top features of it.

Type Less Tap More

To all those people who don’t like typing a lot, Allo can be really useful for you. Well, when you are in a conversation with someone Allo reads the context and gives you some already typed replies to choose from. You can just touch on it and the reply will be sent. For example, see the picture below. When someone sends you a picture of a cat, you will get options to reply with ‘cute’, ‘adorable’ or similar words. Again, when someone sends you a picture of food you will see nearby restaurants in the suggestions. Google Assistant learns your conversation pattern over time and hopefully it will improve more day by day.

Google Assistant

Share Your Creativity More

More like snap chat and Instagram stories you can share scribbled images with your friends. Write, Draw and Share.

Google Allo

Emphasize Your Messages

Allo has a slider which can make the text you are replying noticeably larger or smaller. That helps you to emphasize on something while you are in a conversation. To do this just press and hold the ‘send’ button and slide it upwards or downwards to make the text large or small respectively.

Allo - Text Highlighter


The use of stickers in a messaging platform started with the Line app and later it got into most of the apps except WhatsApp. Google Allo also features 25 sticker packs and interestingly most of those are aimed for the Indian users. Well, I don’t know the reason but many people are surely going to like these. In future, we hope the number sticker packs will grow with updates.


Incognito Mode

For me, the best feature of Allo is the incognito mode. Using the incognito mode you can hide your conversations in Allo. Just like in a browser incognito mode doesn’t record any history and here too Allo will not keep any record of your messages under the specified timer you choose. To use Incognito mode tap on the Message action button then select start incognito chat and finally select the name of the contact.


Google Assistant

Finally you the Google Assistant in Allo. If you are bored or there’s no one to chat with ask Google Assistant to tell you a joke or play a quiz or even chat with him (or maybe her). As I said earlier it is a very useful chatbot and it can also send and react to emoji. To use Google Assistant just type @Google within a chat window and have some fun.

Google Assitant


Well, it might not a be a very useful feature but for a person like me who uses a lot of emoji, there’s always one or more available for every single occasion. Moreover, you can send an emoji to Google Assistant and have some fun.


More to come

As of now, Allo can’t be used as your default SMS app and neither it has a Windows or Web gateway. Also, there is no backup options available which mean if you change your device you will need to start from scratch. Although, all these and some bugs are expected to be solved in future updates. Till then what do you think of Allo? Let us know in the comment section below.