iPhone 7 bursts to flames; owner came to know later!


It’s not every time you buy an expensive mobile device, it bursts into flames! Well, that’s not always the case, other than if the device isn’t Galaxy Note 7. But here the case is of an iPhone 7! Yes, you read it right! This is hardly believable, right?


The Incident – iPhone turns to flames!

This case happened in Australia when the owner of the phone went to take surfing lessons. The car was full of smoke when he returned. The reason was that the iPhone wrapped up inside the pants, caught fire. “Ash was just coming from inside the pants, which then once you wrapped open the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it,” Jones reportedly said.

Well, the major issue is not detected yet, but battery is considered as a culprit here. Last time, when Samsung faced the same issue due to its Galaxy Note 7’s faulty battery, it had issued a replacement for the same. But later on they found that the replacement devices were also bursting to flames, Samsung heavy-heartedly discontinued the flagship, facing huge loss in the process.

The situation of Samsung might help Apple Inc. in gaining popularity with its iPhone 7 Plus, which also has the same screen size as that of Galaxy Note 7. If iPhone 7 faces the same fate, then it will probably be called off from the market.

This is not the first time that it had reportedly said to burst. In February 214, an iPhone burst inside an eight grade girl’s pocket,  when she was in her class. The phone popped caught fire and smoldered inside her back pocket. The girl received burns on her thighs and her back.

In the same year, an iPhone 6 burst inside a man’s pocket, giving him second-degree burns.

Apple is said to be investigating the incident

Now it’s  on the company how they will address this  issue. Either they will check the launched batches of the device or will call it off from the market.

Source:   news.com.au