5 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Do Every Day


Before you begin reading the gist of this topic, let me just start by saying that you’re Awesome, and you’ve taken a great decision to be the sole in-charge of your life by choosing to become an Entrepreneur over anything else in the world!

Entrepreneurship is in a leader’s blood & the DNA seeks invigorating and motivating milestones in our lives. But, there’s a difference between Wanting to become an Entrepreneur, and Being one.

Some say you must be a born leader, while others learn to be one. Either way, you have to have a certain panache not only to learn but implement and find success in everything you do on a daily basis.

Being an entrepreneur would entail a lot of factors, one of which, and this is a significant step, is to quit your job!

A lot of people do not realize, but there is no way one can work an 8-10 hour daily and then devote extra energy for their startup.

Here’s a list of 10 things that you, as an entrepreneur, must do on a daily basis to ensure you stick to your goals and achieve success at every single step of your startup.


Healthy Habits Of An Entrepreneur:

1) Monitor the time spent ‘In’ the business versus ‘On’ the business

time spent, entrepreneur
Green indicates time spent ON the business whereas, Red indicates time spent IN the business.

Monitor the total time spent ON your business which entails, growth hacks, strategy, improvements & fixes, rather than spending time IN the business which includes, managing everyday operations. It could be client support or running work-related errands, which could easily be covered by a trainee for example. Learn to devote your precious time where it rightfully belongs. You cannot do everything on your own, so do what you’re good at and spend time working up things to grow your startup.

2 Carve out your timetable and stick to it

timetable, entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a serious matter, which requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and organization. Unless you learn to discipline your habits and weed out time-wasters from your life, you cannot expect any real success. So, to handle all the things evenly and manage it properly, whether it is communicating with clients, or working on the website/platform you’re developing, or attending a meeting with investors, you must carve out a timetable for each and make sure you stick to it.

3) Eat healthily and take proper health care

healthy diet, entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs feel the need to spend as little as possible on food especially when their primary source of income no longer exists, and a startup demands more money, but you cannot take it out on your food expense. Eating healthy food and exercising are the two most important things for a better work performance, even more so when it is your business! You’d have to meet a ton of new people, and it helps to look good and feel good.

4) Use sticky notes as a reminder

sticky notes, entrepreneur

Remember those little notepads that you never used before? Well, now you need to! Use them in every place you use the most, like the refrigerator door, your desk, & computer screen, two vital areas. Write down anything important, don’t leave it up to the memory to remind you conveniently. Whether it is a thought you had about traffic generation for an e-commerce site you’re building, or a web content writer you wanted to talk to, whatever it is, use sticky notes and don’t go amiss!

5) Reinvent the product and Research the market

product and market research, entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you already have to deal with a lot of burdens, such as giving timely reports to your investors and keeping check of how the market is reacting your product. For this reason, it is of utmost significance to keep reinventing your product so as not to become too boring & predictable to your customers. Always maintain that “Aha” moment each time your customers visit your website.

Also, researching your market thoroughly, on a weekly or monthly basis is the best thing you can do as an entrepreneur. Seeing what’s new, what works and what does not. Acknowledging your competitor’s success and failures, and making sure you are not following their path is what keeps the soul and integrity of your beloved startup.


Never Give Up Trying:

never give up, entrepreneur

The last but probably the most important thing to remember is never to give up trying! It is this attitude that differentiates an entrepreneur from the herd. If you fail at your attempts, regroup with an enhanced and stronger idea and be quick to implement, since there is no time to waste on feeling disheartened. Trying is a rigorous process, and as an entrepreneur, it is the only tool in your possession.