Meizu’s new OS has AI engine and many more!


Today, Meizu launched its new Flyme OS version 6 with its new smartphones M3X and Pro 6 Plus. It also has its own AI, named One Mind. The UI is completely new. But this can only be experienced on the above devices, for now.


Meizu’s new Flyme OS 6

Flyme OS 6 is unveiled today at an event in China. Flyme OS 6 is powered by the company’s own artificial intelligence engine called One Mind. Apart from the M3X and Pro 6 Plus, Flyme OS 6 is also expected to come with a slew of previously released smartphones as well. The firm has tweeted the full list of compatible smartphones, and it includes the Pro 6, Pro 5, MMX6, MMX5, MX4 Pro,  MX4, M3 Max,  M3 Note,  M3E, M3s, m2 Note,  M2, m1 Note, MU20, and MU10 smartphones.

To receive the update, the users are required to sign up for beta and experience the os in beta mode. From the registered user for the beta program, Only 600 users will be selected. Users need to register here before Dec 10.

However, commercial rollout dates aren’t out yet.