Apple AirPods are now available on pre-orders.


After a long wait, Apple makes its AirPod available to public! Apple announced AirPods along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Bac in Septem this year, Apple said that the earphones will be available for public in late-October. But due to some reasons, Apple extended the availability for an indefinite time. Now, Apple has made them available – just before Chrismas!


Apple AirPods are now available for pre-orders, available on December 21

The earphones will be available for pre-orders on company’s official site. However, the first batch of the product will come out on December 21st, this month.

By the time when Apple halted the availability, “We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.” is what they said.

The earphones will come with a price tag of $159 (approx 15,000 INR), but still unknown when the earphones will be available for purchase in India.

The AirPods run on an Apple’s own innovation, W1 wireless chip. This wireless chip enables the earphone to pair with iPhones quite easily and quickly.

The most amazing fact of these earphones is that they are completely wireless. Not only that, these earphones are also featuring a dual optical sensors and accelerometer. These sensors make sure to play music only when the earphones are inside the ears.

When double-tapped on them, Siri opens up. Quite nice syncing used here!


Power specifications

The earphones come with a battery which can run seamlessly for 5hours. For charging, just insert the earphones back into their case. Yes! the carry case is also a charger! That’s not all! Even if you aren’t near to any power source anytime soon, the case will have 24hrs of back up to charge the earphones on the go!

The first shipment will be available in the US on December 21.