5 Ways To Convert Your Product Launch Into High Sales


As an entrepreneur, you must jump through multiple hurdles to get your product the much-needed backup resources to ensure its smooth flow into the market and then make its way to your target consumer’s hands.

But, how do you guarantee that your product has a high traction, and also ensure your investors, that your product will translate into high sales sooner than later?

Here’s how you do it!


Follow these tips to make sure your product launch always converts into high volume sales:



#1. Sell the product to people

If there’s one thing Steve Jobs has been really good about, then it’s selling a product to the people as if they need it! Remember that iPhone 4 launch where he sold 300,000 units on the same day?

He made it clear to the people that they need iPhone 4 to gain independence from carrying a phone and an MP3 player together. He urged them to use the product which serves as a 2-in-1 tool and the result was obvious.



#2. Don’t spend on fancy launch, spend on its design

You may be quite fascinated to see the large enterprises launching their beautiful products in a staggering fashion, and perhaps you want to do the same, but wait, there’s something more important you need to think about… it’s the PRODUCT!

Regardless of how good your product is, nobody will buy it unless it looks good. That’s been the motto of every business in the world. Would you buy a Ferrari if it didn’t look hot?

Ask yourself, what can you do to make the product eye-catchy?

Bring on product designers, even get some off-the-bat designers who can focus more on the presentation of the product than anything else.


#3. Know your buyer

If you are one of those, “I know it all!” sort of entrepreneur, then forget it, you will never lift off any of your products.

Remember, whatever your product may be, it has to be bought by people. They would only do that if they care about you & purchase your product in the hopes that it will make their lives easier. So, you must address that same concern to them.

You must inform them how buying your product will make their problems disappear for good, and also try to connect with their sentiments, and emotions behind the trauma that the problem has caused, and explain how using your product/service will make it go away.

But, getting to know a buyer isn’t an easy task, certainly not something you can do on your own.

You must rely on statistics, facts & figures provided by market research firms, who would survey either one-on-one, or call, or adopt the Internet to reach out to a vast majority of the consumer base to figure out where the problem lies and how would they like it solved. This step requires money, time and a whole lot of patience.

Never start creating a product/service until and unless you see a real need for it. You may also additionally want to swim through online forums, chats, Quora, Yahoo questions & answers and other such sources to find out if there’s a genuine problem out there which you can solve.



#4. Come up with a solid marketing plan

Say you are in the final stages of your product release, and you assume it will be launched in the next 3 to 4 months, so you don’t think about its marketing options just yet, right? WRONG!

You need not wait until its release to plan further. In fact, it can help maximize its reach and success in real terms. Even your investors would back up such an idea.

If there’s one best thing you can do for your product and for your business in general, it is the hype that you create before the product launch and sale.

If you have some time on your hands, use it for a pre-launch press event specifically tailored for media-related websites, and blogs that your target audience is mostly hanging around.



#5. Take pre-orders prior to the launch

Accepting pre-orders gets your customers going! In all honesty, if your product is solid they will buy anything with eyes shut, for instance, Apple!

In this way, you can sensationalize your product and create a certain sense of pride among your customer base, when they will spread the news around about pre-ordering your product because they’re such a big fan of the features or design.

Get your customers to sign up for updates through your website, or a mobile app, and watch the numbers growing day by day.



Following these guidelines for increased sales is very significant for an entrepreneur, especially for a first-timer, because there’s a lot at stake.

Make sure you take all the help you can get. Read, assimilate, apply and get ready for the big launch!