Real state major acqui-hires Plat and BigBHK


Mumbai based Locon Solutions’ today announced acqui-hiring of Plat and BigBHK for an undisclosed amount.

After all the fiasco in early 2015, from ex-CEO Rahul Yadav’s saga, recent major Layoffs, and their multi million dollar marketing campaign ‘Lookup’ where they burned a lots of investor’s cash, Housing is on a spree of acquisitions of small startups in Real Estate and Property buying, selling and management space to focus and boost their core product portfolio to stand big in the market.

Rishab Gupta, interim CEO and COO said in a statement to Media:

The acqui-hires with Plat and BigBHK adds immensely to our talent pool which in turn will empower our partners and consumers to better manage their property portfolio ensuring convenience and transparency. This is in line with our strategy moving forward of focusing on the core of our business.


With this acqui-hiring, housing team will have more peoples from IIT and BITS in their talent pool.

Plat, an online network of property agents that helps share them real estate inventory and requirements and BigBHK, a Bangalore based cloud hosted SaaS company dealing with Property Management System (PMS) that helps property owners manage their product and tenants manage their rentals and dues tracking.


Website: Housing Plat BigBHK