How to Enable ‘Remaining Battery Time’ for HP Spectre X360?


If you are using one of the HP’s top of the line convertible device Spectre X360 you may have noticed something annoying. The problem is the device doesn’t show the remaining battery time on the taskbar. Normally, on a Windows 10 device if you click on the battery icon (on the taskbar) it shows you the remaining percentage of your battery. Furthermore, it also shows how much time till the battery will be able to last. But in the Spectre x360 here’s where the problem lingers. It doesn’t show you the estimated time. So is there any solution? Of course, there is! Follow the steps below if you too want to solve this irritating problem.

How to Enable ‘Remaining Battery Time’ for HP Spectre X360?

  • Now first things first, make sure you are on the latest bios. HP released a lot of bios updates and your device needs to be updated. To update your bios open HP Support Assistant and check there for updates.
  • Before we start the main procedure make sure you have saved all of your work and restart the Spectre.
  • Now repeatedly keep pressing the Esc key before the HP logo appears.
  • You will see a menu now. From the menu select or press F10 to choose BIOS Setup.
  • Press Right Arrow key to select System Configuration from the title bar.
  • After that choose the Battery Remaining Time and press Enter.
  • Select Enabled.
  • Hit F10 to save and exit BIOS.
  • Your PC will now restart and you are done.

Finally, once you log on to Windows you will see the estimated time by clicking on the battery icon on the taskbar. However, you should also note that if you are doing some battery intense task like gaming or rendering, the estimated time to calculate. It is also recommended to use the Balanced mode to get most of your battery life.

That’s it for this article and now you can get the estimated remaining time of your Spectre’s battery. If you don’t like seeing this you can always go to BIOS and turn off this feature.